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  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 25
  • Relationship Status: Married
  • Religon: Anglican
  • Location: Conroe, TX

The blog of author and speaker Preston Yancey.

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Read selected excerpts from Preston Yancey's memoir about finding God.
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In eight days, the little book that could will be released into the wild.I'm ready for it. I'm ready to no longer feel the pacing in my soul, the wondering if there was more thing that could have or should have been done. I need this book taken from me, put into your hands, for you to do with what you will.I believe in this book. I believe in its imperfect struggling form. I don't know if it's the book for you, but I'm pretty sure it's the book f»
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Maybe this makes all kinds of sense, because all I can do right now is cook and pray.This is a gift for you, friends, if you pre-order my memoir.Zondervan did such a beautiful job putting this recipe collection together. It opens with a simple foreword, "In another life--or perhaps this one, because who knows--I would be a food writer." Do you see the design quality of that? I can't even deal. They're awesome.Well, these recipes are too, actually»
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Today I’m honored to be posting in Preston Yancey’s At the Lord’s Table blog line-up, in his own words, “a series of over 50 posts from varying authors about the beautiful, mangled Church. Look for at least two new posts every Monday through Saturday between January 25th and February 22nd. Join us in the conversation? See you in the comments.” Here’s the beginning of my post and I’ll see you over at Prest»
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IIt's nearly midnight exactly two weeks before my first book releases into the world.I can't quite sleep, so I've made chocolate mousse and made a Sazerac and between the spirit and the Spirit we're talking about book writing and dreams and words and what it all means or doesn't mean. And I think there's a thing I want to tell you about, to have some real talk about, and so this is a midnight post, typos and all, without the slightest hint of pas»
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Photo by Ebersole Photography. I turn twenty-five tomorrow, or today if you're reading this via email, and to celebrate I've come up with a list of twenty-five gifts you could give me. Because that's the first question you had, right?1. Sponsor a child with Food for the Hungry.2. Make a pie--like this one--and bring it over to the neighbor you've never met before and strike up a conversation with them.3. Take ten minutes every day this next week»
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So, this is some real talk. Some announcements. And some such.You'll remember I went on a break from blogging for two months and came back a bit gentler and less sure of what to say. I'd like to say the break left me refreshed and able to brainstorm content, but it mostly just made me really aware of how much the medium of blogging has been draining from me ever since I started doing it over four years ago. I realized that it's really hard to wor»
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On Thursdays, I have opened my space to feature short essays by women about what they want from the Church. The guidelines are wide, purposefully, inviting either an answer to the question itself or to argue for a better question altogether. These essays have been curated for quality, not for content, and not all views expressed are necessarily my own. It is my hope that these posts are beginning places, that you will be sent on to spend time wit»