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Blog Entry | Higher Education >
The Book of Psalms: Reading Backwards from the Beginning NancyL. deClaisse-Walford Professorof Old Testament and Biblical LanguagesThis is an abbreviated version ofthe paper I delivered in a public lecture at Philipps University in Marburg,Germany, on November 9, 2011.           I havebeen a student of the book of Psalms for twenty years.  During the past ten years I have extensivelystud»
Blog Entry | Spiritual Growth >
“The Lord himself watches over you! The Lord stands beside you as your protective shade…the Lord keeps you from all harm and watches over your life.” Psalm 121:5,7 I have been resting in this verse the last few days. I just keep reading it over and over and saying it to myself over and over again. There is so much comfort in this verse. There is peace to be found in knowing that the Lord is keeping you from harm and watching ove»
Blog Entry | Christian Living >
Praise be to the Lord, to God our Savior, who daily bears our burdens Psalm 68:19 Convinced of the benefit, I've been attempting to lift weights for the past ten years. I know the reasons why I should do it - an increased metabolism and a decreased chance of osteoporosis, diabetes, cancer and heart disease are among the many benefits.Just because I know I should doesn't mean I always do.  God is the weight lifter of my heart but like a spotter»
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Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him. Psalm 37:7 Me with Hayleigh, February 2012Last February, I visited Disney World with my second of four daughters for the National Cheerleading Championship. The competition is thrilling. The time spent one on one with my daughter is far more precious. As we boarded the roller coaster, Space Mountain, Hayleigh asked if could ride together. Could we? That’s like asking if a
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A righteous (woman) will be remembered forever. Psalm 112:6 It sits in the back of my closet as stoic as Buckingham's guard. Armored in plastic. Dressed in ordinary. Dutiful always. But it beckons tears, laughter and sighs. Its' formal name is Memory Bin but you can just call him Morrie. This weekend we remember. Some of Morrie's Treasures:1. Carynne's Pirate Hand - Age 32. Clara's Button Cross - Age 33. Hayleigh's
Blog Entry | Christian Living >
Who redeems your life from the pit and crowns you with love and compassion. Psalm 103:4 Handsome didn't begin to describe my youth group crush. All sense and strength drained from my body any time he entered the room. I tried to play it cool as my stomach played hockey. He was crossing the room with a bead on me."Do you want to go driving after?" What girl could resist such romance? I tried to offer a non-committal, "Sure," but knew my eyes like»
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I sought the Lord, and he answered me; he delivered me from all my fears. Psalm 34:4 The summer of 1980, Fish might have been a more appropriate name for me than Shannon. In fact, my family of origin calls my Shanny, which happens to be a type of fish so perhaps I was destined for the water. Me at 10 - Please take note of my super foxy Dr. Seuss suit!Long days were
Blog Entry | Christian Living >
“Hey dad, buy me a beer.” The shock of that statement wasn’t rooted in some moral issue I have with alcohol (we’ve never really been drinkers, but we don’t have a problem if you are), it was more that my son is…well… Six years old! And he was serious. Dead pan. He was curious and he wanted to try it. Unlike his by-the-book father, Austin seems to have a craving for things he doesn’t think he’s»
Blog Entry | Inspiration >
I remember the old typewriter in the attic of the old home I grew up in.    Our home was filled with stories, memories and great things. As I grew up, I expected to write my own story, just as I used to write things out on that old typewriter.  I had grand ideas that life would be filled with all great things, just like life was like in the our old home. As children we always think that life will  be good, that somehow hard times don’t»
Blog Entry | Spiritual Growth >
In this week’s online study using the material from Disciples Academy we look at the truth that our God is Merciful. “God’s mercy is boundless, free and, through Jesus Christ our Lord, available to us now in our present situation.” -A.W. Tozer God is merciful and desires to forgive sinners.  That my friends is good news! God’s holiness and righteousness are not and cannot be overshadowed by His mercy. They are in perfect balance. The»