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Step By Step (Sometimes By Step) - Live | Rich Mullins
Rich Mullins - Step By Step (Sometimes By Step) - Live
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If I Stand (Wheaton College 1997) | Rich Mullins
Live version of the song "If I Stand" by Rich Mullins.
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Rich captured spiritual truths in music, that sets our hearts aflame. The movie "Ragamuffin" and Mullins' redeemed brokenness tells us why.The post Ragamuffin: The True Story of Rich Mullins appeared first on Christian First.
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Last Thursday I had the opportunity to see Ragamuffin, a movie about “the true story of Rich Mullins”. Wow. I did not know much about Rich’s story going into this movie (I’m not a fan of that genre of music). So I was surprised—in a good way—by how deep the
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I saw Rich Mullins in concert a couple of times before he died. In fact, I was trying to buy tickets to another concert the day he died, but that’s a story for another day. I loved Rich’s songs. Perhaps even more I loved to hear him talk between songs.
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RAGAMUFFIN | Bonus Scene
Enjoy this bonus scene from 'Ragamuffin,' the Rich Mullins biopic. Though deleted from the final cut…
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'Ragamuffin' | Movie Trailer
Official movie trailer for the film about Rich Mullins' life, "Ragamuffin."
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Creed | Third Day & Brandon Heath
Third Day and Brandon Heath recorded Rich Mullins' "Creed" at The Soundhouse in Redding, C…
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Shane Blackshear talks with the director and producer of the Rich Mullins film, 'Ragamuffin.'
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“You’re a musician,” my supervisor at work said a few months ago. “I’ve been listening to a Rich Mullins’ song called Sometimes by Step, but the lyrics are a little strange. Can you tell me what it’s talking about?” Now this is my kind of assignment! I began to research