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Step By Step (Sometimes By Step) - Live | Rich Mullins
Rich Mullins - Step By Step (Sometimes B»
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If I Stand (Wheaton College 1997) | Rich Mullins
Live version of the song "If I Stan»
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54 Miles and Mullins 54 miles–one way. I used to commute quite a distance as a single guy working in software development. But gasoline wasn’t the only thing burning at this point in my life. My heart emanated the heat of a holy flame, lit by the prophetic prose of God-speech. Words written by and set to the music of a gifted but ordinary man. Rich Mullins would hardly be considered by some as ordinary. Nonetheless, ordinary will remain the d»
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Last Thursday I had the opportunity to see Ragamuffin, a movie about “the true story of Rich Mullins”. Wow. I did not know much about Rich’s story going into this movie (I’m not a fan of that genre of music). So I was surprised—in a good way—by how deep the film was. It’s incredibly deep I felt on the edge of crying through most of the movie Before I go any further however, I want to address fame. Readers of my blog may not be aware»
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I saw Rich Mullins in concert a couple of times before he died.  In fact, I was trying to buy tickets to another concert the day he died, but that’s a story for another day. I loved Rich’s songs.  Perhaps even more I loved to hear him talk between songs.  He would describe how he was trying to live this life of following Christ.  He didn’t preach.  He just shared.  It was pretty cool. One of the things I discovered about his life was»
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Worship leader Robbie Seay answers questions about influential artists and leading worship, and gives advice to new worship leader»
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RAGAMUFFIN | Bonus Scene
Enjoy this bonus scene from 'Ragamuffin,»
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'Ragamuffin' | Movie Trailer
Official movie trailer for the film abou»
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How does a "good Christian girl" become an adulteress, then learn to accept forgiveness and restoration? Ungrind intervi»
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Creed | Third Day & Brandon Heath
Third Day and Brandon Heath recorded Ric»