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Richard Stearns, President of World Vision has a new book called Unfinished Believing is only the Beginning.  About Proximity was given a hard cover copy to review and giveaway! Stearns first book was the National Bestseller The Hole in our Gospel. In that book he spoke about his journey from CEO of Parker Brothers Games and Lenox, Inc []
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I can't shake it! Remember the last movie you saw, and there was just something lingering around you like a cloud you just couldn't shake? Or maybe it was the sense that something was still to be discovered, but you just didn't know what? Well, The Life of PI is sticking around with me. As I was thinking about the film yesterday, I was trying to describe it to my friends Luke and Bob. Bob hasn't seen the movie. Luke saw it a few months ago.»
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I don't know if you had a chance to see the movie Life of Pi, but I would HIGHLY recommend seeing it.  The DVD is on sale today, and I took my daughter and a friend last night to one of the final showings in our small Gaslight Theater here in Durango.   I saw Pi a couple of months ago, and I forgot what an incredible story it is.  A Young Indian boy stranded on a life boat with nothing but a few cans of water, a few packages of biscuits, and a»
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The Evangelical Christian Publishers Association (ECPA) has announced their thirty-six finalists in seven categories for the 2013 Christian Book Awards. The ECPA awards honor Christian publishing’s best books of the year. Each category has five finalists except for Inspiration, which has six due to a tie.  One will be chosen from each category. Notice that DTS's own Jennie Allen is a finalist in the "new author" category. (You can catch a gli»