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Video | Work >
Workaholic | RightNow Campaign
"I have a problem. I just can't sto»
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Work as Worship | RightNow Ministries
The world tells us that work is just a m»
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Flaws Of Biblical Proportions: Finding the Perfect Small Group Leader | RightNow Campaign
A hilarious take on what really makes fo»
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More Famous Failures | RightNow Campaign
Sometimes we look at people who have ach»
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Joshua Harris: Advice to Pastors - RightNow Campaign
Joshua Harris encourages pastors to have»
Blog Entry | Technology >
I’m pumped up right now about rightnow Media and the feature I am most excited about is the Customizable Training Library.  I have researched for a couple years now how to create a similar platform and to be honest it is too complicated and expensive for me to do on my own.  Luckily rightnow Media made this investment and is making it available to thousands of churches. Not only is the technology available, flexible, and customizable; but it»
Blog Entry | Technology >
I can’t be more excited about rightNow Media and how much it is going to enhance our ministry at Community Bible Church.  One of the lesser known resources of the package is the Leadership Events Library. I’m a learner and love attending conferences, but am not able to do so for 2 primary reasons: time and money.  It’s challenging to take the time away and justify the cost of the event and travel.  With rightnow Media’s Leadership Even»
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For about a year I have been monitoring rightnow Media’s Bible Study Library resource, but didn’t feel like it was the right time to jump in until now.  To be honest, I waited too long.  I should have jumped in a year ago and would have saved our church financially locking in the price from a year ago and gotten this tool in the hands of our congregation even sooner.  Other than waiting too long, I have no regrets about jumping into rightn»
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Work as Worship Conference | Nathan Sheets
Nathan Sheets, owner of Nature Nate's, t»
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The Church Should Get Ticked Off | Max Lucado
Pastor and author Max Lucado speaks at t»