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'What We Talk About When We Talk About God' | Rob Bell
In "What We Talk About When We Talk»
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Bringing the Fresh Word | Rob Bell
Rob Bell on the risks of preaching: &quo»
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Rediscovering Wonder | Rob Bell
Because of the hardships of life, have y»
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  The Nooma series had a huge impact on my life personally and as a communicator during a very formative time in my life. Bell’s books, while somewhat annoying in structure have always challenged me to think. Like many I have naively attempted to imitate his preaching style. Interesting to see this as I believe it is one of the first forms of communication I have seen since he left Mars Hill. Yes the video is a little predictable.»
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Resurrection | Rob Bell
"At the heart of the historical Jes»
  • Gender: Male
  • Relationship Status: Married
  • Religon: Interdenominational
  • Location: Maryville, TN
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N.T. Wright on Hell and Bell | The Work of the People
N.T. Wright shares his views on hell and»
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JR Forasteros reviews Rob Bell's new, and possibly controversial, new book.

C'était une rencontre fortuite dans les rues de Milan , le couple , les hommes devrait être un chef militaire comme le personnage ...... Ces amis jour des médias sont mariés à "May Day" de ce jour férié or d'exploitation différents types de thème " robe du mariage " , j'ai demandé à certains " mariage ", " robe " la question du « mariage » , disait-on, la femme moderne sur le mariage avoir des vues très différentes , et à quelques pas du banquet de mariage de mariage traditionnel dans l'espace , laissant un morceau de sa grand-mère brodé écharpe r ...

Blog Entry | Church Leadership >
Shane Hipps is leaving his position as Teaching Pastor at Mars Hill Church in Grand Rapids. When he came to Mars Hill he was to be a co-teaching pastor with Rob Bell. Bell has since left and the arrangement that Hipps originally had was no longer an option. Things changed. His teaching responsibilities were to be expanded and would thus cut into his time to serve the church at large. He determined this was outside of his call. I’ve found s»