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Often the barrenness of our landscape is seen as without merit. But, as you ponder it there is a beauty that can be seen beyond its starkness and you begin to have a view of what our Lord faced for 40 days. It is a beauty of God’s handiwork in that it reflects only what is needed to sustain life for the creatures He has placed there. Each one is perfectly crafted to live in this environment with tough outer skins, special eyelids that keep out»
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All usage rights secured via Another of my favorite online publications that I really enjoy reading is Provoketive Magazine. This publication is relatively new, but it’s making strong headway under the publishing leadership of Jonathan Brink. I’ve said it before and I’ll say here, when I find something I like I work hard to be part of it. Such is the case with Provoketive and Jonathan’s corral of writers. I»
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Loud Music and Christianity | Chris Dudley with Underoath
FV Faith and Culture Editor Ryan Gregg i»
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Going Solo and Letting Go | AJ Cheek
FaithVillage's Faith and Culture Editor »
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That was one of many songs I was blessed to hear at Rock the Desert this week. And that's been a phrase that has summed up my life recently. Things have been going busily and rapidly. And it feels like a blink. But, in the grand scheme of things, isn't that our life? Just a blink, something that is here and then goes away just as quickly as it appeared? But what do we do in that blink? The chorus of the song is: It happens in a blink, it happens»