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Following the Son of Man(ly) | Sandra Glahn
Dr. Sandra Glahn, Associate Professor of»
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Author & blogger Sandra Glahn aspires to "thinking that transforms" through her writing and teaching.»
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Glahn talks with FV Editor Kelley Mathews about her latest Coffee Cup Bible study book.
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This week certified writing and life coach MaryAnn Diorio has featured an interview with me on her blog about writing. Here's a snippet:MARYANN: What single piece of advice would you give to aspiring authors?SANDRA: If you want to learn from the best, read your Bible. Along with Shakespeare, it serves as the source of the most book titles. It has all sorts of wonderful narratives and well-known phrases for literary layering. Its characters have»
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These are my toes several daysafter I defended my dissertation. The new issue of Kindred Spirit is available online. The topic: Rest.Check it out in its full color by going here. Or follow these links to individual articles:ArticlesThe Yoke of JesusJ. Dwight PentecostThe Importance of Doing NothingSandra L. GlahnRest & Rejoice!Michael H. BurerMoney: A Threat to True RestRichard J. DunhamSo, Get Some RestLesa EngelthalerDown Time, Time Off,»
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"And in His name all oppression shall cease" The Column of Justice by Tadda stands in Piazza Santa Trìnita in Florence, Italy. This granite column from Rome's Baths of Caracalla  was the gift of Pope Pius IV in 1560 to the first Grand Duke of Florence. My friend Célestin lost six family members, including his brother, in the Rwandan genocide. One day a man came to Célestin to be baptized wearing a shirt my friend recognized as havin»
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I hate to use another guest author, but this woman, while we have had our disagreements, hits this right on the head and I'd like to promote her thoughts on the topic. Her name is Sandra Glahn and you can find more of her writing here.
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Devin and Pete's wedding, Watermark, June 30photo by Mercedes MorganBybels, Grafes, Pattersons, Glahns, three generations of McLaughlinsMy two sisters, three of my nieces, my daughter and hubby, my parents, two of my nephews, and our extra set of grandparents. What a blessing to have us all in one place.
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This week's Tapestry post: A few weeks ago I received an announcement that an organization committed to teaching what the Bible says about being masculine and feminine had published an updated guide available for free.Because the history of ideas about gender, especially within Christendom, is one of my fields of academic study, I eagerly downloaded and began reading. But only a few pages into chapter one, “Being a Man and Acting Like It,” a»