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Share your favorite Bible studies. Ask questions of other FV members. Delve deep into the word with the help of each other.

Blog Entry | Christian Living >
  There’s a curious sentence in Psalm 23 that unsettles me. David writes, “You prepare a feast for me in the presence of my enemies.” In the same passage where the king presents God as the Good Shepherd and celebrates his provision, he throws in this radical thought about eating with enemies as if that’s totally normal. The idea of actually sitting down with those who might be on the opposite side of the ideological fence is appealing. B»
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We talked about “The Bible,” a new mini-series slated to premiere on the History Channel on March 3. The show which is divided into five parts, will take viewers through 10 hours of Biblical reenactments, covering the holy book’s major events from Genesis to The post WATCH: Epic Trailer Of “The Bible” a New Scriptural Based Series appeared first on
Audio | Audio >
Jim Hamilton teaches on the Bible's Big Story.
Audio | Relationships >
Jeff Mangum teaches on wisdom in sexuality using Proverbs 7:1-27.
Audio | Preaching >
"Pastor Kevin Nguyen from Saddleback’s Irvine campus gives a special message on letting go. Discover that when yo»
Audio | Preaching >
"In a special Father’s Day message, Pastor Rick Warren talks about building your life on God’s plan, purpose, a»
Audio | Preaching >
Tyler David, a pastor at Austin Stone Community Church, speaks on Proverbs 8:10-31.
Audio | Bible Study >
"A message delivered by Frank Viola at a conference in Toronto, Canada in 2009. The rest of the messages in this s»
Audio | Preaching >
At Austin Stone Community Church, Greg Breazeale speaks on Ephesians 3:1-13.