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About Scriptura Conversations:

Share your favorite Bible studies. Ask questions of other FV members. Delve deep into the word with the help of each other.

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We talked about “The Bible,” a new mini-series slated to premiere on the History Channel on March 3. The show which is divided into five parts, will take viewers through 10 hours of Biblical reenactments, covering the holy book’s major events from Genesis to Continue reading →T…

Here pastor's wives can be encouraged that they are not alone and that there are lots of us out here who know what you're going through. This is where help, healing, and scriptural encouragement can be found by the women who wear ALL the hats - pastor's wives!

Article | Christian Living >
Dave Dunham discusses how living fearfully is not compatible with the freedom offered believers through Jesus Christ.
Article | Christian Living >
Dave Dunham sets up his series on uncovering the Bible's truth about modesty.
Article | Books >
Conrade Yap reviews Rick Bezet's book about the freedom of being real.
Article | Spiritual Growth >
Drawing on Psalm 15, Jeff Randleman discusses 12 ways for us to grow in righteousness.
Article | Theology >
Mary DeMuth says we must be careful in how we handle God's Word.
Article | Spiritual Growth >
Peter Krol personifies wisdom and explains its importance.
Article | Church Leadership >
Blake Coffee highlights the importance of church leaders who inspire the congregation to actually love and obey God.