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Article | Church Leadership >
Executive Pastor Jenni Catron discusses the importance of character when selecting leaders in your church.
Article | Youth Leaders >
Great tips for Christian youth leaders on how to select volunteers in your ministry.
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Do you hear what I hear?
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 51
  • Relationship Status: Married
  • Religon: Christian
  • Member count: 1
  • Location: Dallas, TX

About DBU Alpha Sigma Omega:

Alpha Sigma Omega, as an honor society, is an association of individuals selected for distinguished ability and achievement in scholarship, leadership, service, and Christian ethics.

Blog Entry | Inspiration >
From March 25th to March 31st, Bruecke to Heaven will be on sale for only $.99 during the Kindle Select Promotion. Pickup a copy for your Kindle device and join the journey where your faith will be tested and uplifted. … Continue reading →
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Did you ever think about why you were born when you were and why you’re alive in 2014 and not 1812? I’ve got to admit, until I read this chapter I had never thought of that. AUTHENTICALLY ME – A resolution to value myself and celebrate others Supernatural Selection “…
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“Now that Selena is growing up to be a more serious actress and separating herself [...]
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“Now that Selena is growing up to be a more serious actress and separating herself [...]
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Attempts at Honesty Christian Blog - Reflections on the interplay of the Bible and CultureWe all want grace, but sometimes struggle to give it when it is most needed. We are in constant danger of offering selective grace by offering it to some and withholding it from others.© copyright 20…