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  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 51
  • Relationship Status: Married
  • Religon: Christian
  • Member count: 1
  • Location: Dallas, TX

About DBU Alpha Sigma Omega:

Alpha Sigma Omega, as an honor society, is an association of individuals selected for distinguished ability and achievement in scholarship, leadership, service, and Christian ethics.

Blog Entry | Technology >
Ellen is doing a great job maximizing Social Media, especially YouTube. I hope you enjoy this prank on Selena Gomez from the Ellen Show.
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"You're a Meanie Geanie!" It was the ultimate insult hurled across the room when my brother and I were mad at each other. I don't even remember the three other names but I remember there were a total of four classifications for unacceptable sibling behavior. Meanie Geanie was reserved for the most despicable. Clearly I did not grow up in a house of fighters. We are stuffers. We are card carrying members of the Conflict Avoider Club. We sweep iss»
Blog Entry | Christian Living >
My wife had an interesting experience with my kids on the way to school the other day. (Amazing conversations happen during this time if we listen.) My oldest son, mentioned that South Africa only has white people. My wife's jaw dropped as she informed him that 90% of the country is black. They began counting people on the street and sure enough the stats proved true. When he wondered why, my wife made mention that it is easier to see people like»

There are events which happen that can’t be explained in ways that might make sense to others. Events which on the surface seem impossible, except you experienced it! Personally, deeply, unforgettably you know this event was not happenstance. The event, that experience is the result of a divine appointment. Divine appointments are moments that never escape the memory. In those escape-less moments our brain is so deeply seared that a permanent marker is erected. A historical sign post that will never allow you to lose the significance of that moment, that even ...


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