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Article | Blogs >
One of FV's prominent women bloggers talks about finding her voice, pursuing her PhD, and what she really loathes.
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 34
  • Relationship Status: Married
  • Religon: Christian
  • Location: Hawthorn Woods, IL
Article | Moms >
Sharon Hodde Miller believes that there is a reason that we should care about what's going on in Ferguson, Missouri.
Article | Spiritual Growth >
Sharon Hodde Miller discusses the importance of trusting God in a season of uncertainty.
Article | Marriage >
Sharon Hodde Miller shares insight from five years of marriage.
Article | Women >
Sharon Hodde Miller shows what the butterfly can teach us about the power of invisibility.
Article | Emotional Health >
Grief over the death of a child, or any loved one, is not a finite season, says Sharon Hodde Miller.
Article | Christian Living >
Sharon Hodde Miller admonishes us to not lose the joy of the anticipation of Advent.
Article | Money and Stewardship >
Sharon encourages readers to consider fair-trade opportunities when purchasing Christmas gifts.
Article | Emotional Health >
Sharon Hodde Miller shares how her anger toward someone else eventually led to hate and a realization of her own sinful bent, and »