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Introducing Church Initiative's new ministry to single parents
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Buckner Family Pathways helps single mothers reset the direction of their lives
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Single Mom Gets Fresh Start, Calls Life at Buckner "Amazing"
Family Place Lufkin resident Victoria Sa»
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Buckner in Midland: Foster Care, Adoption and Family Place
Buckner in Midland is changing lives and»
Video | Youth >
What's the Biggest Issue Facing Teens Today? | Andy Braner
Andy Braner, founder of Camp KIVU, has a»
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The Changing Face of Missions I want us to consider how globalization is effecting us as missionaries. Fritz Kling wrote a book entitled “The Meeting of the Waters: 7 Global Currents That Will Propel the Future Church” His book will be the backdrop for our discussion. In it he identifies two characters; Missions Marm and Apple Guy. By: Marc Milligan Missions Marm - An older, single woman who loaded her trunk (or perhaps even a coffin packed w»
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Today’s guest post is from Katy Boatman over at Single, Party of One. Katy is a 20-something lover of Jesus, music, Nashville, Mexican food, and funny people. She works full-time in the publishing industry by day, and is the author of Single, Party of One by night. She’s never met a cheesecake she doesn’t like, and she fully believes chocolate fountains should instead be filled with queso. She’s quiet, but not shy; tall, but not mighty;»
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I have to admit something. I am very happy to miss the upcoming election season in America. Don’t worry, I voted. But to miss the speculation and doomsday prognosis makes me happy. Each day, hate spews on the airways of Facebook and Twitter. Believers proclaiming doom to America depending which party wins the election. Obviously this venom is directed toward the party or candidate they do not desire to see prevail. I’ve been around enough ele»
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This week on NoSuperheroes, I am sharing some of the travel tips I have learned in 21 years of traveling to 39 nations. We’ve already covered loyalty to frequent flyer plans, finding the best flight deals, and racking up airline miles. Here are a few more random tips: Avoiding the Middle Seat - The only reason you should ever get a middle seat is if you are bumped to another flight. Here are some suggestions. 1. Choose your seat at the time of»
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I am a single parentfor three more days! My wife has been away at a missions conference for 12 days now. I am often the one in the family who travels, so this is not a whine fest. I have truly gained an appreciation for single parents over these two weeks. I've been the one who feeds my hungry boys their meals and multiples snacks. I became skilled at packing lunches and organizing school bags. The amount of hours that I have logged in transit th»