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Sometimes we think third world countries are the only ones who need to hear the Gospel . . .
Article | Missions >
A missions trip with skiing, snowboarding, sledding, biking, kayaking, and more
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The Slovenian marxist philosopher Slavoj Zizek has made a reputation for himself as the "Elvis of Philosophy", having published countless articles, more than 70 books, and appeared in many TV slots and interviews (including two feature length films about himself). Zizek has proven a very adept observer of how ideology is present in the minutiae of everyday existence, as his discourse on toilet design seeks to demonstrateChristians are also paying»
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Reflecting back over my Walk of Peace prayer-trek in Slovenia there were many times when I felt especially close to God.  Times when, as the Celtic Christians used to say, the veil between heaven and earth seemed as thin as the early morning mist on the mountain.  But the pinnacle, the truly ‘thin place’, was the last day of trekking.  It was amazingly beautiful along the Soca and Koritnica rivers that morning.  My soul wa»
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"In the mighty name of God, In the saving name of Jesus, In the strong name of the Spirit, We come, We cry, We wait, We look, We long For you." -frequent prayer along the Walk of Peace prayer trek in Slovenia.
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Water fall I passed on my Walk of Peace prayer trek in Slovenia
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Photo by @drewrodgers Here’s a recap of blog posts you may have missed this week: Advice for Raising Godly Children - Kevin DeYoung shares ten sayings from John Witherspoon on parental authority and child rearing that I believe applies to today’s parents and children & how best we can raise them in a Godly manner. Top 200 Leadership Resources - David Murray has compiled an excellent list over the years in regards to christian leadershi»
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This week’s interesting links and articles: The Hunger Games: A Mirror to the World (Martin Saunders, “The Hunger Games is the most important narrative of this kind in recent years. If the film-makers continue to project the books’ heart onto the screen, a primarily teenage, Western audience will be forced to consider: what kind of world do I want to live in?” Beliefs About God Across Countries (HuffingtonPos»
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 “To pray while seeing, feeling, touching, and hearing is to pray with unique intensity.  After the prayer walk is over, you will never pray the same way again for the location of your walk and the people you met there.” - Dan R Crawford, Professor of Evangelism and Spiritual Formation and Chair of Prayer and Spiritual Formation at Southwestern Baptist Theological SeminaryBefore I left for the Walk of Peace prayerwalking trek in Slo»
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This is where havoc wreaked This is where it hurt This is where they fell This is where it thundered This is where we fed them This is where we led them This is where they were killing us This is where they had our women This is where the army drum Fell into the pit a night This is where the war ends This is where peace will reign - Zdravko Dusa Inscription on a peace memorial on the Walk of Peace, Slovenia