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Audio | Books > interviews blogger, author and speaker Jon Acuff about his book "Start: Punch Fear in the Face, Es»
Audio | Music >
Heather Williams | Start Over
Heather Williams' song "Start Over" from the album "This Time Around" - be sure and visit http://hea»
Audio | Blogs >
In this episode of "Christ is All," Frank Viola talks about why every Christian should have a blog and discuss»
Audio | Youth Workers >
This week, AC joins the action and brings his usual smoothness with him! The guys use the Simply Youth Ministry Today ar»
Video | Music >
'Start A Fire' | Unspoken
Official music video for "Start A F»
Blog Entry | Church Leadership >
  Creating a blog is a great idea for people wishing to share their opinions, hobbies, or work portfolios. Even if your technical expertise is minimal, you can still start and manage a successful blog thanks to the ease-of-use of most blogging platforms. Starting a blog may seem a bit daunting, since it requires several steps. But with some patience and something to say, you can set up a blog from the start in no time.   Here are four specific»
Blog Entry | Family >
Photo courtesy: It’s the start of a New Year. Many of us are busy making (or trying to keep) New Year’s Resolutions. One resolution I made this year was to do a better job keeping my marriage as a top priority. One way I hope to do that is to communicate more with Keith. And by “communicate,” I mean really communicate. Talk about things that matter, not just about what is going on throughout the wee»
Blog Entry | Church Leadership >
The start of a new year is the perfect time to set a new course. Creating that course begins by answering four questions. The first question is, In What Areas Do You Want to Grow? The second question is, How Do You Plan to Grow? The third question to help you set your course and develop a solid plan for growth is, Who Will Hold You Accountable to Grow? Accountability brings a mixture of emotions. While we recognize its value in helping us gr»
Blog Entry | Blogs >
Perhaps the thought of blogging has always been at the back of your mind. Perhaps it even made it onto your secret list of New Years’ Resolutions. Perhaps others have suggested you should try writing. If any of those is you, then perhaps you should start a blog. Here are three reasons why: 1. Because []
Blog Entry | Church Leadership >
When beginning a new year, it’s always good to start with four essential questions. The first question is, “In What Areas Do You Want to Grow?” Once you’ve made an accurate assessment of your growth areas, a second question must follow. Without the second question, your growth goals will get lost in the growth resistant routines of life. While the first question helps you identify appropriate growth areas, the second question forces you»