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Blog Entry | Spiritual Growth >
by Mary DeMuth and Mary
You may have noticed that I’m a little uncomfortable these days. It’s true. It’s like God is making me live inside this website, except that the red bird is inside the cage, quite comfortable thank you, and He has the audacity to push me out, setting me free. Only I prefer the comfort and safety of right now to the freedom that a cageless life might be. No, it doesn’t seem like I need further healing (though I often do). I»
Blog Entry | Discipleship >
About a week ago, I posted on facebook, “What is the True Meaning of Love”?  I got a couple of really good answers back.  However, being Valentine’s Day ( a man made holiday celebrating “Love”) I figured I would dive in a little further to find out just what love is and how we could be more effective and more intentional about showing it.  After all, one of my favorite sayings around my house to my kids is, Love your neighbor as your»
Blog Entry | Discipleship >
Well, here we are again.  The Holidays have come roaring back into our lives.  For many of us, it means time with family and friends, frantic shopping sprees, cooking endless amounts of food, parties, and empty bank accounts.  However, before we get to carried away with all that goes with this time of year, I want us to stop just for a moment and focus on what this time of year really should be about and not what it has become. While there are»