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  • Gender: Female
  • Relationship Status: Married
  • Religon: Christ-follower
  • Location: Ada, MI

My story, refining, as I go.

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Ray Sammons is my husband’s father, and while many women are deeply blessed by the men who raised their husbands, I know that I have been uniquely loved by this wonderful man. When God delivered Steve into my then-chaotic life, He knew I needed Ray equally as much. It was 2003. I was stepping blindly [...]
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I have enjoyed the ministry of Emily Freeman’s Dear Me.  I’m late for her submission, but here goes. As I finally sit down to non-chalantly toy with the concept, I’m more in the mood for a list than a letter. It might be because it’s Friday night and we’re watching an odd animated movie by [...]
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This week’s lesson in Jack’s Kids-N-Action church group is about arguing. Wednesday, the magnificent youth leader rallied hundreds of kids to holler in unison, “Y’ALL STOP ARGUING!” each time he shouted “what are we gonna do?!”  The crammed Castle Room at our church rattled with the chorus of shortpeople yelling, presumably, at their selves.  It [...]
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If its real, it endures. Like Faith that actually changes our life for good. Discipline that’s difficult and fruitful. Fear that must be conquered over and over. A God who invades lives to reveal His love My desire for chocolate sundaes. A relationship of deep trust. If the thing is real, it doesn’t wither or [...]
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Is it breaking any rules if I post two blogs in one morning? (Warning, I might not be done yet.) Thanks Bill Holsinger-Robinson!
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This is a short series called “I TRIED BUT” I believe in honoring the authority of our leadership even if we don’t agree with their decisions. But now. I object. He blows off critical meetings repeatedly People die and his office is untruthful His office is untruthful and people die His direction is harmful for [...]
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Exactly as we need. When we need it. No more, no less. Not always what we want, but just what we need. Not always when we can see or understand it. But the longer we live in this light, the more we can see it more clearly. Or at least know it’s there somewhere!  Seeing [...]
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I only left for 2 minutes. Our freshman volleyball player was ready to be fetched from practice at the high school around the corner. All was peaceful in the house, so I’d handle the retrieval. Dinner would be ready when I got back so we could serve and eat together before scattering again. I dash. [...]