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Article | News >
“Church Rescue” will debut Nov. 11 on the National Geographic Channel, featuring the most unlikely of reality TV stars: church consultants.
Article | Health >
Research suggests kids are watching more TV these days, and it's showing in their waistlines.
Article | Film >
Sam Robinson in the midst of mystery and big budgets, "Extant" is about finding connection.
Video | Relationships >
Friending: The Foundation of Friendship  |
This video is part of the Friending message series taught by Senior Pastor Craig Groes…
Video | Technology >
Show an iPad on a Projector Without an Apple TV | Brad Zimmerman
Learn how to show your iPad, iPhone or iPod on your screen without an Apple TV. We also give you app…
Video | Inspiration >
My Story |
"The decisions you make today will determine the stories you tell tomorrow." A smart sermo…
Video | Humor >
Satan's Views About Church |
Another interview with satan about his views on the church. A teaching video for's &qu…
Video | Bible Study >
You Carry His Name, Pt2 | Hillsong Tv with Brian Houston
So what does it mean to carry someone's name? We're called to bear the name of a god who desires to …
Video | Music >
Spring 2014 US Tour | Switchfoot TV
Episode 56 of Switchfoot TV features Switchfoot on tour in the US.
Video | Inspiration >
Fight Story: Justin Laramie |
"He started to reveal how I can use what I thought were my weaknesses — being driven by succe…