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Team World Vision raises money for Africa water projects through marathon racing
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The beauty of the African community gets overlooked by Western views of the impoverished continent.
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Team World Vision Runners Build Kits for Sandy | World Vision
In light of the NYC Marathon being canceled, Team World Vision runners chose to build emergency reli…
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2013 Peace Walk in Rwanda | World Vision
Team World Vision helps pass the peace torch on its way through Rwanda: http://www.teamworldvision.o…
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Richard Propes says "World War Z" isn't perfect, but it is entertaining.
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A pastor and church planters shares 12 ideas that could help you build a quality team.
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Americans are being called to "give as good as they get" this year following the holiday shopping frenzy.
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Last month I told you about Our Favorite Catalog. As a member of one of the WV Blogger Teams, I was asked to tell you a little more about the 2013 Share Joy Campaign. This Christmas season, World Vision wants to share joy with the world by inviting individuals, families,
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In the business world and in the church, I’ve learned that having a good team often makes the difference in how well we do at reaching our objectives. I have been blessed with some great teams in the past. As a result, I frequently get asked if I have any
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Our ministry spotlight this month takes us across the globe to Kampala, Uganda—the mission field of Team 5 Morris. Daniel and Loring Morris, along with their three children, are committed to sharing Jesus as sojourners in Uganda. Partnered with International Missions, the strategy of Tea…