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Thanksgiving Giving: Cheerful Giving | Travis Whalen
Travis Whalen, a pastor with Eastside Ch»
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On Thanksgiving Dinner | Robert Tracy McKenzie
"It's easy to picture the pilgrims »
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The Thanksgiving Song | Igniter Media
This funny, yet moving song is a sweet r»
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All Mom Wants For Thanksgiving | Skitzy Chicks
Thanksgiving is a time for family and fo»
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About Social Ministries Discipleship:

Social Ministries Our mission is to involve the congregation in reaching out to people, both near and far, who are in need of Christ's love by relieving suffering, ministering to them and sharing the Gospel. The Social Ministry Discipleship is responsible for disbursing the funds allocated to outside organizations through the Gloria Dei annual budget. The allocated funds this year went to: Welcome House Family Promise United Ministries Lutheran Campus Ministry, I-K Synod ELCA World Hunger The congregation also budgets unallocated funds to meet current ...


Here I am sitting on our porch, Marie is knitting and I’m doing this note. It’s pouring out, but I’m enjoying so much the sound of the rain on the roof and seeing the drops coming down. I enjoy the porch so much. I remember going over to my Grandfathers house as I was growing up either after school or during the summer, he’d be sitting on his porch rocking back and forth while I sat on the top step waving to all the folks we knew riding by in their car. In those days it would be every other car, now a-days you’d be lucky if you new one or two riding by an ...


A wise man’s momma once said there’s an awful lot you could tell about a person by their shoes. Where they’re going. Where they’ve been. I think this is basically true. But there’s more. There’s the noticing along the way. Turning minutes into moments. Opening wide to the gift of present, rather than rushing on, wearing out shoes yet never fully living. Another, much wiser, man said He came to give fullness to the noticing. “Life fully,” as He named it. Eternity now. Life wide open, bursting forth with fruit: love, joy, peace, contentment, patience, ...

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I'm Full | Skit Guys
"What does it look like to be truly»
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A Psalm of Thanks | Centerline New Media
"Enter His gates with thanksgiving »
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Healthy Pumpkin Pie | Sarah Dussault
Try Sarah Dussault's healthy pumpkin pie»