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Audio | Christian Living >
The Blessings of Walking in Faith 1
Author Lysa TerKeurst talks about the blessings that come when we trust God.
Audio | Christian Living >
The Blessings of Walking in Faith 2
Lysa TerKeurst continues her talk about the blessings of following God.
Blog Entry | Christian Living >
Credit It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them. Ralph Waldo Emerson The author of Self-Reliance was born on this day in 1803.
Blog Entry | Christian Living >
We’ve all heard the old saying that “hindsight has 20/20 vision.” It simply means you can see things clearly now. Have you ever thought how hindsight can be a blessing in your life? Photo by Unlisted Sightings Hindsight can be a good teacher and it can also encourage us in our problems of today. When you’re faced with an impossible situation it’s easy to forget what God’s done in the past. For some reason, our current problems often c»
Blog Entry | Counseling >
Listen to the audio In the Old Testament, it was customary for a father to pronounce a blessing on the eldest son. It signified passing of position, fortune and acceptance. Is it relevant for today?  Absolutely. While some areas of Old Testament blessing were culture specific, the relational elements transcend time. Everyone needs love, acceptance, value, and security – and how those needs are met by our parents become the messages we get abo»
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Dealing with guilt and blessings Spend any time in the New Testament and dwell on the many words and parables of Jesus, and you begin to feel the heavy weight of guilt for the many blessings in your life. He calls us to look beyond our own lives and take action against the injustices. How? Where do we even begin? Look around at the things that are going on in the world. Look at the persecuted  church in other countries. What have you done to he»
Blog Entry | Church Leadership >
#12 in the Sermon on the Mount series I have put off writing about this Beatitude because it is uncomfortable to think about persecution as being part of God’s plan for me or my family. I would like to be able to subscribe to the belief that with enough faith, I can live a comfortable life without problems. This message of prosperity and comfort is the message of the TV preachers, but unfortunately, it is not the message of Jesus. Jesus doe»
Blog Entry | Christian Living >
The Word “now” is an action word and it denotes a sense of urgency. When I use that word with my children I want them to understand the sense of urgency and the fact that I am expecting them to spring into action based on that simple word “Now!” Nothing aggravates me more than when they drag their feet after I have clearly indicated that I want something done “Now!” Perhaps that’s how God feels with us, when he has clearly told us t»
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The Blessing of Giving | Marriage Today
When we give, God will supernaturally ex»
Blog Entry | Relationships >
Quite simply put, I know the tired arguments against and for homosexuality from a Christian perspective. Let’s go at it differently, shall we?  Here are some open requests that I would like someone to fulfill for me. Someone please show me, in The Scriptures, whether it is in Hebrew, Greek, Aramaic, Latin, where God blesses homosexuality and puts His hand of honor upon it. Someone show me, in The Scriptures, where He blesses homosexual marria»