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Article | Spiritual Growth >
Pastor Ron Edmondson shares an honest letter to all church members on the challenges of being a pastor.
Article | Inspiration >
For all the good it does and is capable of, why would a Christian criticize the church at large?
Article | Women >
Author Christian Piatt says, "At the heart of what [the church] can provide that is unique in many ways, yet sorely lacking i»
Article | Inspiration >
If you struggle with making church attendance a regular habit in your life, consider these options from pastor Ron Edmondson.
Article | Inspiration >
Pastor Shawn Lovejoy draws comparisons between two events where weekend worship happens: college football and the church.
Article | Inspiration >
What do some people erroneously believe about the church, either by their words, their actions, or both?
Article | Evangelism >
What's a Christian's response to "The New Atheism"?»
Article | Missional >
As recorded in Acts 3:4-10, Peter and John were going to the temple to pray, but along the way an opportunity arose for them to fa»
Article | Inspiration >
Does the American Christian church cater to extroverts above introverts? And what can each learn from the other?