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Article | Inspiration >
Mark McIntyre considers the drastic though sometimes subtle difference between conformity and unity in the church.
Article | Theology >
Pastor Kurt Bubna considers the seeming chasm that exists between how the first-century church related to society and how the 21st-century does.
Article | Inspiration >
Searching for a new church? Evan Nehring suggests looking at these 16 qualities of a church to decide if a new church might become your church home.
Article | Spiritual Growth >
Pastor Ron Edmondson shares an honest letter to all church members on the challenges of being a pastor.
Article | Inspiration >
For all the good it does and is capable of, why would a Christian criticize the church at large?
Article | Church Leadership >
It's not "What's wrong with the church?" but "What's right with the church?" that has church consultant Michael Lukaszewski hopeful about the Church's future.
Article | Women >
Author Christian Piatt says, "At the heart of what [the church] can provide that is unique in many ways, yet sorely lacking in our culture, is intentional community." He shares that women, who "have been at the heart of such community since before the dawn of recorded history" hold the cur …
Article | Inspiration >
If you struggle with making church attendance a regular habit in your life, consider these options from pastor Ron Edmondson.
Article | Inspiration >
Pastor Shawn Lovejoy draws comparisons between two events where weekend worship happens: college football and the church.