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Video | Discipleship >
Expanding the Bandwidth of Discipleship | Joanne Jung
Joanne Jung has a heart for students and»
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  • Location: Davie, FL

About The Fountain Church:

Our Mission: To be a Gospel-centered Church, existing for the honor, passion, and purpose, of Jesus Christ

Blog Entry | Humor >
Reports of my demise have been greatly exaggerated. Last week was a family vacation with an overlapping itinerary and spotty internet access. BUT FEAR NOT. I have not been dissuaded by internet people calling me bad words, names and intimating that I’m the worst. Have I had people use bible verses to tell me how  truly awful I am? Yes. Do I think criticizing a person writing a snarky recap of an awful reality show using God’s holy wo»
Blog Entry | Work >
Probably one of the top five books I have read in the past ten years is called Visioneering by Andy Stanley. In my mind, this book ranks with classics like Good to Great by Jim Collins and The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey. In Stanley’s book, he goes into great detail about why vision is so important to Christian leadership. He also gives solid advice about how to go about casting that vision to your organization. If»
Blog Entry | Relationships >
Posted on May 18, 2011by pebasv Last fall (2010) shortly after our team returned from South Africa our friend Frank Pretorius started talking to our Executive Director Blake Coffee about plans for 2011. From the start they knew that it would be a big year. There had been an opportunity for our team to be involved with the annual meeting of the Baptist Union of Southern Africa, and as a result there were many churches with a keen interest in “»
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  • Location: Decatur, TX

About First Baptist Church Decatur:

The Vision of First is to make fully devoted followers of Christ who have a passion for God, who apply the Word of God, who have an active prayer life, who sacrifice through mission endeavors, and who continually reach out to others with the truth of the

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  • Location: Orlando, FL

About Godlifecoach:

Here you will find many opportunities for spiritual growth. Whether you are a seeker wanting to learn more about spiritual truths or have attended church all your life, God Life Coach is a place for you. I am interested in the spiritual growth for all ages. I believe the combination of dynamic worship, practical Bible study and active involvement in service is the perfect blend to develop passionate followers of Jesus Christ. This is about: Be people of action live with integrity Use our talents and gifts for Christ Have fun and Grow along the w ...

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  • Location: Fairfax Station, VA

About LIfe Talk:

As as licensed therapist, I'm passionate about matters of the heart. So I wanted to start a group where people could talk about topics like anxiety, depression, eating disorders, relationship issues and the losses of life. I host a podcast show called Heartline where i talk to some of the leading christian counselors and writers in the country about things effecting the hearts and lives of all of us out there. This is a casual group, not meant to give advise or counseling.

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Jim Caviezel at The Rock Church | Dave Cooper
Dave Cooper, pastor at The Rock Church i»
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Jesus: Revolution Of Love | Mark Scandrette
animate. Faith is the new adult small gr»