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Article | News >
Is it a sin not to vote? Or perhaps a virtue? The question may seem surprising, especially in a nail-biter of an election in which»
Article | Church Leadership >
Pastors and church leaders must fight the tyranny of the urgent in their ministry work since temptation, family difficulties, and »
Article | Missional >
Is an attractional church or a missional church better? Kevin Colon debates the issue after talking with his pastor friend Pete Wi»
Article | Devotionals >
Suffering is but for a season. Its lessons endure.
Article | Volunteers >
A children's Bible study leader and volunteer shares the 11 practices she makes sure to incorporate into her ministry to 4th and 5»
Article | Cause >
Why is caring for the orphan called "pure religion"? It is the gospel in tangible form.»
Article | Spiritual Growth >
How reading the Metaxes biography of Bonhoeffer challenged one family to choose between self-protection and God's peace.
Article | Music >
John J. Thompson reviews the latest record from The Civil Wars and reflects on their break-up.
Article | Technology >
To make a Christmas worship service truly memorable, incorporate elements that involve all five sense: sight, hearing, taste, touc»
Article | Small Groups >
Rick Howerton has met many effective small group pastors. Here he shares 11 traits they all seem to share in common.