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Article | News >
"The Voice" Bible translation is formatted like a screenplay or novel. Translators cut out the "he said" and &»
Article | Spiritual Practices >
Grayson Pope offers five practical ways to better hear God's voice and heed his direction for your life.
Article | Spiritual Practices >
Do you listen to the "still small voice" of the Holy Spirit?»
Article | Music >
Ryan Brymer writes about the new Miley Cyrus record and why parents should be prepared to talk about it with their kids.
Article | Spiritual Growth >
Stephen Brewster silences the negative voices telling us we will never succeed.
Article | Christian Living >
Kimberlee Conway Ireton writes about living fully alive and submitting to the weight of God's glory.
Article | Devotionals >
Worship leader and songwriter Matt Redman ruminates on the singular historical event that occurred at the cross of Christ and how »
Article | Inspiration >
Weary of the "war on Christmas" rhetoric, Andy Braner asks if Christians are fighting the right battles at Christmas.»
Article | News >
As the world reacted to the death of South African hero Nelson Mandela, on Dec. 5 at age 95, religious and political leaders added»
Article | Bible Study >
Conrade Yap reviews the Voice translation of "Compass: The Study Bible for Navigating Your Life," published by Thomas Ne»