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Blog Entry | Food and Hospitality >
It is NOT already September. Okay? We’re not even going to talk about it. We’re just going to pretend these are June leftovers and move along. Good? This month I’ve got a lot of serious Internet reads, for what was, in my mind, a pretty serious month. Isis militants, a war over Gaza, a crisis of migrant children fleeing violent nations, and, right in our backyards, the killing of an unarmed black man and rioting in Ferguson. I’ll be hones»
Article | Culture >
What if we become too savvy, too well-versed in popular culture?
Article | Film >
Christian lessons from a horror movie
Article | Culture >
Brett McCracken looks at the need for a healthier, more nuanced approach to consuming culture as Christians.
Article | Music >
John J. Thompson reviews the latest record from The Civil Wars and reflects on their break-up.
Article | Film >
Josh Larsen explores the spiritual meanings in Terrence Malick's latest film, "To the Wonder."»
Article | Culture >
One writer explores Beyonce's Super Bowl performance and asks if it crossed moral lines.