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Video | Preaching >
Preaching | Brett Younger | Thirty Minute Seminary
Brett Younger, Associate Professor of Pr»
Video | Worship >
Worship | Thirty Minute Seminary | Dr. Karen Massey
Dr. Karen Massey, Associate Professor of»
Article | Women >
A profile of Erika Mendoza Punnose, the daughter-in-law of Gospel for Asia founder K.P. Yohannan. The busy mother models and teach»
Article | Wellness >
Avid runner Rick Meyer discusses his increased health, energy and fitness in his later years and explains how the Holy Spirit is r»
Article | Evangelism >
The preface and chapter one from Gary Habermas's apologetic work on the resurrection of Christ.
Article | Family >
Encouragement for Couples Facing Infertility
Article | Church Leadership >
Ministry isn't easy
Blog Entry | Spiritual Growth >
I haven't written in awhile. Truthfully, I've been quite busy with work and seminary classes. But today is a unique day. Fifteen years ago today my dad lost his battle with colon cancer. You would think this would eventually "normalize." You would think that it eventually wouldn't be so doggone hard. But it hasn't gotten any easier. It's just different each year.I decided to post something I wrote from few years back. Writing on this topic is cat»
Blog Entry | Blogs >
Submitted for a Christian Journalism assignment at Dallas Theological Seminary in Dallas, Texas. Rick E. Meyer See, Believe, Achieve Portent of high winds and hail, dark green clouds saturating the western horizon scurry toward Kearney, Nebraska as if on a turbo-charged conveyor belt. The radio weatherman reports sixty MPH winds. Why do I continue my voyage to a college friend’s magnet of rearranging winds—a trailer»
Blog Entry | Spiritual Growth >
Here are some of the highlights from the Treasuring Christ ministry this week. Meet our newest blog team member Brad Hambrick. “I grew up in a small farming community in the Mississippi River bottoms of western Kentucky. There were as many cattle as people, and it was a thirty-minute drive to the nearest McDonald’s. My younger brother and I spent much of our time exploring the multi-acre woods behind our house and the rest tossing a baseball»