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Solomon Davis, William Hamer, Simon Pringle and Sam Vance in Chaps!. Photo by Erik Stuhaug. Taproot Theatre Company asks the question, “Ever wonder what would happen if Monty Python met Roy Rogers?” in their latest press release for the musical “Chaps!” an…
Article | Culture >
Do non-believers view Christians as salesmen?
Article | Sports and Recreation >
How far is too far with sportsmanship between rivals? What if, as Christians, we showed joy even when our opponents succeeded? A great new article on sports and Christianity.
Article | Sports and Recreation >
Christian themes can be found in quotes from Alabama coach Nick Saban's National Championship press conference.
Article | Sports and Recreation >
The sports feud between Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen can provide lessons for Christians.
Article | Film >
A film that deals honestly, authentically and humanely with a crisis of faith.
Article | Women >
Working women must know themselves in order to best balance their multiple responsibilities.
Article | Bible Study >
Randy Richards' "Misreading Scripture with Western Eyes" cautions Western Christians against bringing their cultural assumptions to the great task of reading, understanding, and applying the Bible to their present-day lives.
Article | Church Leadership >
What is leadership evangelism and how can pastors use such a process to grow the church both deep and wide?
Article | Church Leadership >
3 questions to ask yourself to gain a better idea of what your calling or area of service may be.