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Solomon Davis, William Hamer, Simon Pringle and Sam Vance in Chaps!. Photo by Erik Stuhaug. Taproot Theatre Company asks the question, “Ever wonder what would happen if Monty Python met Roy Rogers?” in their latest press release for the musical “Chaps!” and it pretty much sums up the content for their latest production. Set during World War II, the BBC radio plans a live performance from a group of “real” cowboys from the United Sta»
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Twelve years is a long time. It’s a long time to wait. A long time to hope. A long time to suffer. We aren’t told exactly what the nature of her ailment was, but most assume that her “hemorrhage” was some type of menstrual disorder. Under Levitical law, a menstruating woman was regarded as ceremonially unclean (Leviticus 15:25). She was unclean–unable to enter the temple or participate in temple worship. As if that w»
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1. Have him watch Steve Job’s 2005 Commencement Address at Stanford University. Hearing one of the greatest iconoclasts of our time talk candidly about dying is sobering and profound. 2. Encourage him to read James Emery White’s little book called Search For The Spiritual. It’s the single best introduction to Christianity in print for people like your husband. I give that to every skeptical man I meet. 3. Find a church that has a pastor you»
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CAVEAT: this is not a Woody Allen-esque "How To" piece.I remember when Ashley and I first started dating. Oh, those magical times when we would just lose track of the hours we would spend together, and not only because we had both fallen asleep on the couch watching TV. Work and the demands of our jobs were ever-present (curse you, money needed to exchange for goods and services), but that was it as far as distractions went. Both of our families»
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Can We Finally Start Talking About The Global Persecution Of Christians? After yet another bloody weekend, it’s time to speak frankly about who’s killing Christians and why. Prayers for Myers-Briggs Types. This is funny if you know your personality type. If you don’t know yours, you really should. Mark Driscoll thinks the church is dying. Outspoken pastor Mark Driscoll says Christians need to be of stronger resolve because of “darker”»
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I am a natural cynic.  I do not trust people.  I do not trust well, laid-out plans.  I am always looking for the potential snag that will throw everything off.  However, even I am prone to overconfidence. So when the road takes an unexpected detour, it jolts you.  The emotions experienced when a three hour drive, now takes four because the detour backs up traffic, moves through small towns can frustrate even the most patient person. Over the»
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I am an introvert. Some people can question whether they are or not. I don’t. I’m certified in Myers Briggs, so I know the language well. I’ve studied the concept. It didn’t require much study though for me. I’m in the camp. It means Sundays I’m more tired when I go home. It means I avoid certain crowds unless I have a clear purpose for being there. It means I run aloneand I’m okay with that. It means I’m probably harder to get to»
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Have you ever wondered why that overbearing person makes you crazy? Or maybe why being on time doesn’t really matter to you but it’s everything to your spouse? It’s because you have a personality. One that’s uniquely yours. Just like snowflakes, God didn’t make two people alike. Not even twins. But you don’t feel special. You don’t feel unique. You feel pulled in a million directions, trying to please everyone in your life. That te»
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I recently started to reexamine my personality makeup.  I have to do this consistently because I drive myself crazy in my self-analysis.  My Myers-Briggs makeup is as an INTJ (Introverted iNtuitive Thinking Judging).  To be honest, I have always hated my personality makeup.  There are a lot of deficiencies that prevent me from really connecting to people but there are a lot of great areas like loyalty and commitment that make me valuable. A»
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We don’t like to wait.  People with way too much time on their hands figured out that each of us will eventually waste an entire year waiting in line.  Think about that--an entire year spent waiting to buy variations of trash bags  toilet paper and toothpicks.  We don’t like to wait.   We don’t like to wait for answers, for results, for situations to resolve. We want to know which highways to avoid so we won’t get stuck in traffic,»