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Article | Books >
Conrade Yap reviews Pastor Tim Keller's "Encounters with Jesus," a book that looks at Jesus' encounters with normal peop»
Article | Church Leadership >
Tim Keller's book, Center Church, may be the perfect marriage of theology and practical advice to pastors striving to lead the chu»
Article | Marriage >
How does this marriage manual hold up?
Audio | Relationships >
Tim Keller explores the integrity of sex, the challenge of lust, and the future of love.
Video | Church Leadership >
Eric Metaxas and Tim Keller "Fireside Chat"
Author Eric Metaxes talks with Pastor Ti»
Audio | Money and Stewardship >
Greed hides in our hearts while binding us to our materialistic desires. Money has power over us, but we can break free »
Article | Devotionals >
Through poetry and scripture, Daniel Clendenin ponders death, Lent, Easter, and the deep magic of the resurrection.
Video | Missional >
Missional vs. Evangelistic | Tim Keller
Interview with Tim Keller for Desiring G»
Video | Missional >
Characteristics of a Missional Church | Tim Keller
Tim Keller discusses issues related to t»
Blog Entry | Christian Living >
At Gospel in Life, you can now find all of Tim Keller’s sermons and other resources together in one spot. The site also includes all resources from Redeemer Presbyterian and Redeemer City to City. It is fantastic to see this! Here’s the brief description: We are excited to announce, our new site for all sermons, books, articles, and resources from Timothy Keller, Redeemer Presbyterian Church, and Redeemer City to City. The n»