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'Today is the Day' | Lincoln Brewster
Live video of the song "Today is th»
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Today is the Day | Lincoln Brewster
Music video of Christian singer/songwrit»
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The view from my room stuns me. Hillsides lush. Blue blue sky. A breeze moving the bamboo. And the voices. Young children in school singing “This is the day that the Lord has made” in Creole. Yes it is. And I am here, wanting to soak it all up. Those words they sing come from Psalm 118. So I scan it and see this: Out of my distress I called on the Lord; the Lord answered me and set me free.6 The Lord is on my side; I will not fear. What can»
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Yes, the Lord has made this day.  If you don’t get that, think about it for a minute. I begin my yearly ministry preaching at Big Meadow Campground.  I’m just a little pumped up this morning as I prepare myself.  I’ve been preparing for a while, so I’m just putting the final touches on it.  So, what do I expect this morning? I expect to be just a little nervous.  I haven’t spoken much since the end of October. I»
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Since today is International Day of the Girl, I thought it would be good to share about my daughters. In the past, I’ve shared how Emma, my youngest daughter wants to be a princess. Specifically Emma wants to be Cinderella. Every time she tells us her dream of being a princess, her older sister Johanna laughs and says, “There is no way you can be a princess. Papa’s not a king.” Trying to defend Emma, I explain to Johanna all the ways a m»
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Photo Credit: Creative Commons – DMertl Today’s guest post comes courtesy of an outstanding writing friend of mine, Sundi Jo Graham. If you’d like to submit a guest post here are the guidelines. ======================== Do you have moss on your butt? Yes, I just asked that question. You’d be surprised how easily that answer can be a yes. In Ken Davis’ new book, Fully Alive: Lighten Up and Live – A Journey that Will Change Your Life,»
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TODAY is the Early Bird Deadline for Catalyst ONE DAY NW Arkansas. This is your chance to get the best rates on Catalyst ONE DAY tickets. Catalyst ONE DAY NW Arkansas is focused on practical leadership. Andy Stanley & Craig Groeschel will be sharing their experience, insights & strategies for creating healthy culture. Not only will you be learning from their personal experience, there will be multiple sessions of Q&A and candid co»
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No one living in America will ever forget the day they woke up and the world changed.  It's not like terrorism was invented on 9-11, but it was the first time mass casualties were taken from innocent life here on American soil.  I'll never forget standing in the middle of my living room, witnessing the destruction happening on LIVE television in NYC, Washington D.C., and Shanksville PA.   I'll never forget the movement of solidarity Americans»
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Ezekiel 48:35 “And the name of the city from that time on will be: THE LORD IS THERE.” Israel delivered from exile. The temple restored. Worship resumed. The glory of the Lord returns. The city renamed—THE LORD IS THERE! What a great day that was for the nation of Israel. “Dry bones” aptly described the time of their hopelessness. But God resurrected them from the spiritual grave. Now a thankful people bow before their powerful and pe»
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Read God’s Word with a sense of awe. This post is a continuation of Is the Bible Reliable? Part 1, Is the Bible Reliable? Part 2 and Is the Bible Reliable? Part 3 The Apocrypha The twelve books of the Apocrypha were never accepted by the Jews or by our Lord on a par with the books of the Old Testament. They were revered but were not considered Scripture. The Septuagint (the Greek translation of the Old Testament done in the third century B.C.)»