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Read an excerpted chapter from Roy Lessin's devotional book, "Today is Your Best Day," published by New Leaf Publishing »
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'Today is the Day' | Lincoln Brewster
Live video of the song "Today is th»
Video | Music >
Today is the Day | Lincoln Brewster
Music video of Christian singer/songwrit»
Article | Missional >
A short interview on his favorite radio station sparked Ed to get involved in caring for Russian orphans more than 15 years ago. T»
Article | Culture >
A look at our culture and why the Twilight saga is so popular today. Twilight offers the false hope of immortality while Christ of»
Article | Youth >
How to read the Bible differently
Article | Money and Stewardship >
Dean Deguara suggests that generic generosity, or giving what you feel led to give, is not what the Bible preaches when it comes t»
Article | Devotionals >
Like the winter solstice, God gives us hope that while darkness may have its turn, it cannot have the last word. Jesus brings a li»
Article | Devotionals >
Easter is "the ultimate blessing that makes all other blessings possible."»
Article | Devotionals >
3 ways the Fourth of July teaches us about how God uses our circumstances to bring us freedom.