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Blog Entry | Culture >
I remember a few years ago when I took a few friends to see a Christian play. The play was very good and had a good message, but for some reason the writer of said play thought that it needed a few swear words inserted in the beginning. (Personally, I don’t think that it is necessary to add such language to make the production relevant.) On the way home, there was a big discussion about how my friends were offended with the language. In fact, t»
Article | Collegiate >
Learning to say "no" can give you power and peace. Sometimes saying "no" feels unhelpful and even unChristian »
Article | News >
Blake Atwood reflects on the meaning of being or not being identified as an evangelical.
Article | Inspiration >
What answer can we expect when we question God about our suffering?
Article | Christian Living >
Tyler Braun, author of "Why Holiness Matters," suggests six ways Christians can fail to make a difference in a post-Chri»
Article | Emotional Health >
Mary DeMuth shares her favorite books that have been instruments of healing in her life. Perhaps you'll find something new & h»
Article | Women >
Roger E. Olson, Professor of Theology at Truett Seminary, reviews Rachel Held Evans' book "A Year of Biblical Womanhood."»
Article | Inspiration >
Christians are often seen as hypocritical. These 10 reasons shed light on how Christians can shed that image.
Article | Devotionals >
Tom Farr with the Englewood Review of Books covers Dallas Willard's updated and expanded Hearing God, a book about "having a »
Article | Emotional Health >
How does anxiety show itself in your life?