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Building a Nation | Water is Basic
"Bloom where you are planted," says Water is Basic general director Bishop Elias Taban, as…
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Water: The Second Enemy | Water is Basic
Unclean water endangers every person, causing disease that kills many. Clean water is crucial to a h…
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How Water is Changing South Sudan | Water is Basic
Water is Basic (WiB) was born out of crises in 2006 when religious leaders from across all of Sudan …
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Water is Basic | Steve Roese
Steve Roese, Founder of Water is Basic, shares what his organization does in South Sudan to assist t…
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Christmas Well | Water is Basic
Nothing like the opening of a new well. This one just opened in Yei community that has become very o…
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60 Meters in 60 Seconds | Water is Basic
Watch a fast-forward depiction of drilling a well in South Sudan.
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Scriptures that explore baptism without water
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Ru: Water is Life | Shawn Small
Writer and Director Shawn Small shares the story behind Ru: Water is Life, a short documentary about…
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Baptism means immersion, but immersion into what?

Stories from the road to every person in South Sudan within reasonable access to clean, safe water.