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Building a Nation | Water is Basic
"Bloom where you are planted,"»
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Water: The Second Enemy | Water is Basic
Unclean water endangers every person, ca»
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How Water is Changing South Sudan | Water is Basic
Water is Basic (WiB) was born out of cri»
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Water is Basic | Steve Roese
Steve Roese, Founder of Water is Basic, »
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Christmas Well | Water is Basic
Nothing like the opening of a new well. »
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60 Meters in 60 Seconds | Water is Basic
Watch a fast-forward depiction of drilli»
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Ru: Water is Life | Shawn Small
Writer and Director Shawn Small shares t»

Stories from the road to every person in South Sudan within reasonable access to clean, safe water.

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You need to know about some significant things going on with the organization you support. As you know, Water is Basic is not a standard Western non-profit working in a developing nation. Our founding principle is to empower LOCAL leadership, trusting them to make independent decisions based on their unique culture and present needs. This is what makes us different, and what draws a variety of different folks around the US towards us. Since the b»
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Bishop Elias Taban, former child soldier and driving force within Water Is Basic, brings hope and clean water to Sudan one village at a time. BORN INTO WAR Near the center of Yei, South Sudan, lies a compound hosting the local jail house and police station. Behind the station stands a small water tower fed by a newly completed water well. In the shadows of the station lie two mounds of compacted dirt, speckled with grassy weeds and locally crafte»