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Article | Books >
Mary DeMuth focuses on forgiveness as the core of the Lord's Prayer, says reviewer Wayne Stiles.
Article | Bible Study >
Author and blogger Wayne Stiles is passionate about connecting the Bible and its lands to life. Read more about his blogging journ»

Connecting the Bible and Its Lands to Life.

Article | Spiritual Growth >
Wayne Stiles discusses how playing guitar helped him apply patience, private success and seasons to his spiritual life.
Article | Devotionals >
Using the Apostle Matthias as an example, Wayne Stiles insists that we must keep serving God — even in years of obscurity.
Article | Christian Living >
Wayne Stiles reminds us how important it is to listen to God over listening to other people.
Article | Bible Study >
Wayne Stiles looks at the reasons why the Jewish calendar shifts every three years and what hyssop has to do with forgiveness.
Article | Bible Study >
Wayne Stiles looks at the surprising biblical story of Pontius Pilate's wife and her words in support of Jesus' innocence.
Article | Inspiration >
Wayne Stiles provides biblical inspiration to help anyone control their fear of the future by placing their trust in the one who c»
Article | Bible Study >
Wayne Stiles looks at the loneliness that David experienced as an example of how to combat the loneliness you may feel during the »