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'You'll Find Your Way' | Andrew Peterson
Official music video for "You'll Find Your Way" by Andrew Peterson.
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Recently I watched a program about a group of explorers who have been searching the RMS Titanic wreckage site for new developments. If you’re unfamiliar with the RMS Titanic, it was a passenger ship that at one time was the largest ship of her kind. You’ll notice that I refer
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Courtesy of SimonDeanMedia/Creative Commons License  If you don't communicate clearly and effectively you will struggle in youth ministry.  Whether it's giving a message in front of teenagers or leading a workshop for parents how well you communicate will affect the way you…
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The other day someone said to me, “Pastor, Sorry I haven’t gotten involved in the church yet, but I don’t know what I’m supposed to be doing right now. I can’t seem to find my purpose.” I hear that kind of thing often. In this case, it’s been five …
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I recently wrote 7 Ways to Support your pastor on Sunday, and it was very popular. One frequent suggestion was a post about every day of the week. It makes sense. I know I am frequently asked how people can support me. What a tremendous boost of encouragement that question
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Sadly, many people have no focus or direction in their lives. They are just drifting aimlessly. They are aiming at nothing and they are hitting it every time! We need focus in our life. We need direction. No matter what kind of traveling you’re doing, whether it’s through life …
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Whew, that’s a long post title! And looking back over my blogging journey, I’ve written a LOT of posts. This is post 2,500. My first post went live on October 5, 2004 when my blog was called Relevantblog and I was Relevantgirl. I initiated it on the soil of southern
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This is part of a larger series using an article from Fast Company as inspiration. Check out the Landing Page for all the updates.     Listen to your customer both in person and online, and make changes to fine-tune the experience. That process is ever evolving. Kevin Desanctis, …
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You’ve been given a unique song to play. The tune is a sweet medley of gifts, experiences, heart and abilities. When you know the song you’re supposed to play and you do so with grace, nothing sounds sweeter to those around you. What it boils down to is this: you
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*As first seen on my blog at the Huffington Post As we scour the marketplaces...