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'You'll Find Your Way' | Andrew Peterson
Official music video for "You'll Fi»
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Have you ever found yourself experiencing a challenge or failure that had a déjà vu feeling as if you have been here before? Then there is the realization that yes, you have repeated some of the same self-defeating behaviors that achieved a similar unpleasant result before. Call it DNA, mental loops, or whatever you want but you have the life, marriage, relationships, marriage, etc., that you have built for yourself one decision at a time. We t»
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NAME THEM AND CLAIM THEM TO GET RID OF THEM One way you can get out of your way is to name your gremlin. A gremlin in this sense is a self-defeating behavior that reappears in life, work, and relationships that prevents you from achieving a new level of success. Like in the movie by the same name, gremlins usually are latent and easy to live with until they are activated by external or internal factors, either past, present, or perceived future.»
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by Mary DeMuth and Mary
The journey to get The Quarryman’s Wife to print started a long, long time ago (though not in a galaxy far, far away.) In the 90s, I grew fascinated by my great Grandmother Mary’s life. I spent that decade researching her, talking to relatives, unearthing research, and talking to her when I could. I had a file folder several inches thick that detailed her life during the Great Depression where she raised her children in the aftermath»
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Everything is marketing. Everything is theology. There’s no way around it. Every commercial you watch, every person you talk to, every message you hear has behind it a way of looking at the world and interpreting reality. Many of us can at least identify with this, but realizing it doesn’t make it any easier to avoid all of it. Much as we may try to unplug, we’re still exposed to messages coming from every direction – television, news out»
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I realized this year that I've been doing Christmas devotionals for enough years now to have one for almost every day until Christmas.  Mainly for own enjoyment, I'm going to re-post several again.  Hopefully, they'll be a blessing to you, as well.The following was first blogged in December of 2008.The other day I walked into the living room and chuckled. Out from beneath the newly decorated Christmas tree stuck two little bodies. The h»
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Judges 17:6 This was before kings ruled Israel, so all the Israelites did whatever they thought was right . (originally published on January 7, 2011. Reposted with extra links) I was reading this passage today and recognized that for many of us, we know a “little princess” who lives this out on a day by day basis.  Just like the society that Judges was chronicling, girls that we know choose to live their lives doing whatever they wan»
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Tips for youth leaders on why and how they can utilize FV
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Add a little prayer to your daily routine.