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'You'll Find Your Way' | Andrew Peterson
Official music video for "You'll Fi»
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Recently I watched a program about a group of explorers who have been searching the RMS Titanic wreckage site for new developments. If you’re unfamiliar with the RMS Titanic, it was a passenger ship that at one time was the largest ship of her kind. You’ll notice that I refer to the RMS Titanic in both the past tense and feminine voice. I’m not entirely certain, but there is some kind of rule that things like boats, ships, cars, tractors, a»
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Courtesy of SimonDeanMedia/Creative Commons License  If you don't communicate clearly and effectively you will struggle in youth ministry.  Whether it's giving a message in front of teenagers or leading a workshop for parents how well you communicate will affect the way you lead.  For some of you getting up in front of a group of people is a piece of cake.  For others of you public speaking is like pulling the skin right off of your body.  »
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Sadly, many people have no focus or direction in their lives.  They are just drifting aimlessly.  They are aiming at nothing and they are hitting it every time! We need focus in our life.  We need direction. No matter what kind of traveling you’re doing, whether it’s through life or across the country by car, if you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll never know if you’ve arrived. Taking just any road will leave your fulfillment»
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This is part of a larger series using an article from Fast Company as inspiration. Check out the Landing Page for all the updates.     Listen to your customer both in person and online, and make changes to fine-tune the experience. That process is ever evolving. Kevin Desanctis, Revel Entertainment You will never arrive. As we set goals and talk about vision we start thinking in terms of finish lines. All that energy moving towards a goal»
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You’ve been given a unique song to play. The tune is a sweet medley of gifts, experiences, heart and abilities. When you know the song you’re supposed to play and you do so with grace, nothing sounds sweeter to those around you. What it boils down to is this: you can either spend your life looking for your song, or rocking it out. Built to last a lifetime In a recent interview with NPR, Keith Richards, the famed guitarist of the Rolling Ston»
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*As first seen on my blog at the Huffington Post As we scour the marketplaces this holiday season, every parent wonders, "What can I get my teenager?" An iPhone?An iPad?A new gaming console?What is the MOST valuable present you can give your teenagers? Contrary to popular belief, teenagers are just like the rest of us. Sure, the latest gizmo shows how much you though about them, but what they really want... is your time. Not long ago, my son came»
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Courtesy of Loco Steve/Creative Commons License I have to confess I don't thank my volunteers enough.  It's sad because I call them my team, I love what they do for me; yet, I fall short in showing it.  Author William Arthur Ward once said, "Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it."   It's a personal goal for the upcoming year and writing it out here I'm hoping to keep myself acco»
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Below you'll find today's Tapestry post. Thanks to my FB friends who contributed: Quick! What do you get when you mix history, myth, marketing, romance, and angst? Yes, indeed—Saint Valentine’s Day.
Many of us think, “Meh. Another commercial holiday for greeting-card companies to make money.” And, indeed, they do. The Greeting Card Association reports that men (15%) and women (85%) send an estimated 1 million Valentine’s Day car»
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Courtesy of Ömer Ünlü/Creative Commons License Ah, summer vacation, nothing can beat it.  For some of you it's heading to the beach, other's the lake or mountains for a little rest and relaxation.  For my family it's heading up north to Wells Beach, Maine for a little get away and a lot of lobster.  I look forward to shutting things down, reading a nice book and having fun with my family on the beach.  I look forward»