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The December 30, 2009, episode, plus an interview with John Fornof and Rob Jorgensen.
Audio | Children >
The August 26, 2009 free episode. Includes an interview with sound designer Rob Jorgensen.
Audio | Children >
Half episode from August 10, 2011, also including Album 54 release!
Audio | Children >
The December 28, 2011, episode including an interview with writer and co-star Jeff Parker.
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006 Let's Have an Adventure (Resurrection Year readings)
Three readings, and a surprise offer, from my next book Resurrection Year: Turning Broken Dreams into New Beginnings
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Strong. Patient. Loving. Just. These are the kind of words that God uses to describe Himself. But what about the words G»
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My childhood included a lot of adventures…and lots of church. Beach vacations, amusement parks, camping and educational experiences were a huge part of my growing up years. Today, on his birthday, I say, “Thanks, Dad, for making sure we always had an adventure – and a whole lot of church.” Dad was a preacher – […] The post Childhood adventures, church and Dad appeared first on While I Ponder....
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"But we have the mind of Christ” Apostle Paul“Being steeped in the mind of Christ is all important” JoanChittisterAdventure with a purpose. We use that phrase a lot where I work at Extreme Missionary Adventures and I think that it isimportant to our mission, our vision and our passion that we understand what wemean with this phrase.Lots of people are into adventure these days.  Heli-skiing, base-jumping, scuba»
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  Traveling the world and sharing the gospel through captivating illusions and stunts, Brock and Auny Gillhave encountered a life of adventure no one could predict. First-time author Auny Gill tells the compelling story in Thrill Ride: A Million Miles. 2000 Shows. One Miraculous God. releasing independently Oct. 1through, and with pre-orders available now at»
Blog Entry | Collegiate >
It's hard to believe it but four months from today I will be on a flight home. That's a bittersweet thought. But these last four months promise to be fun and adventure filled! I'm hoping for a trip or two over to the UK and I still have a city I would like to visit here in France. Plus school is going to start in another two weeks, in that time another group of international students will take up residence in Poitiers. I can't wait to make some n»