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Article | Emotional Health >
How does anxiety show itself in your life?
Article | Youth >
Proactive tips to address anxiety and depression in Youth Ministers
Article | Emotional Health >
Brad Hambrick helps us discern the difference between legitimate mourning of a loss versus wallowing in self-pity or depression.
Article | Emotional Health >
How one mom fought back against unprovoked, inexplicable fear for her son.
Article | Health >
Dr. Axe says food choices can significantly impact your mood, so make the right ones.
Article | Emotional Health >
When worry threatens to overwhelm, don't forget that Jesus has conquered the darkness.
Article | Church Leadership >
In the busyness of their jobs, pastors may not face their underlying anxieties.
Article | Parenting >
Lynne Jackson offers ways to help your child gain more confidence in public.
Article | Wellness >
Rhett Smith discusses the positive effect jogging has on depression.
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About LIfe Talk:

As as licensed therapist, I'm passionate about matters of the heart. So I wanted to start a group where people could talk about topics like anxiety, depression, eating disorders, relationship issues and the losses of life. I host a podcast show called Heartline where i talk to some of the leading christian counselors and writers in the country about things effecting the hearts and lives of all of us out there. This is a casual group, not meant to give advise or counseling.