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Article | Emotional Health >
How do you respond to a wound for which you never get an apology?
Article | Devotionals >
If God knew humanity was going to be sinful, why'd we get created in the first place?
Article | Church Leadership >
David Drury discusses the art of apologizing for leaders.
Article | Church Leadership >
Pastor Tim Spivey urges pastors to more often consider the single people in their congregations and church staff.
Blog Entry | Youth Leaders >
Abercrombie And Fitch's Semi-Apology Didn't Go Over Too Well
Blog Entry | News >
Abercrombie And Fitch's Semi-Apology Didn't Go Over Too Well
Blog Entry | Men >
Mayor of Toronoto, Rob Ford has been in the news for some time over his personal behavior, and questions over a video that reveals his use of cocaine.  At first he denied that the video existed, but after the police made an announcement that the video is real, he has made a full public apology. []
Blog Entry | Christian Living >
When I was in the second grade, my best friend (and eventual best man at my wedding) smashed a wad of silly putty into my hair during a Sunday School class disagreement. I don’t really remember the details of the spat (it probably stemmed from who’s dad could beat up who’s or some other 7-year-olds’ theological debate), but after a quick date with some scissors and a (forced) apology from his mom, my buddy and I were playing again like no»
Blog Entry | Spiritual Growth >
Last week I veered from my normal airline arrangements, and I took American Airlines instead of the carrier I hold nearly 1M miles on.  It was a cheaper flight, and I though it might be good to try something different, and get to my destination a little faster.   Well, It started as a 4 hour trip that turned into a 48 hour debacle.  Late arrivals, broken aircraft, miss-spelling of names which causes seeming impossible  hurdles to jump over, a»
Blog Entry | News >
"I felt like they were violating my rights, my freedom of speech,"