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Article | Art >
This month in the VIA Art Gallery we are featuring the work of visual artists Andrew Ryan Shepherd and Jason Watson.
Article | Prayer >
Conrade Yap highly recommends Sarah Arthur's devotional, "At the Still Point: A Literary Guide to Prayer in Ordinary Time."
Article | Inspiration >
Blake Atwood reviews Matt Appling's book "Life After Art: What You Forgot About Life and Faith Since You Left the Art Room."
Article | Culture >
Joey O'Connor gives his top arts and culture groups to connect with on Facebook.
Article | Devotionals >
Sonny Lemmons calls Artie Davis's book "Craveable" a different kind of devotional that reads like a conversational love letter that refrains from providing pat answers to life's challenges.
Article | Art >
VIA explores the intersections of art, design, culture, God and creation, and the act of making. This month we are curating the work of Chris Koelle and A. Micah Smith.
Article | Art >
This month in the VIA Art Gallery we are curating the work of two excellent visual artists: Glenn Thomas and Bryan Minear.
Article | Preaching >
Preachers, like artists, "are individuals who care deeply about conveying truth through a chosen medium."
Article | Art >
Matt Knisely and Emmy Star Brown are the featured artists this month in the VIA Art Gallery.
Article | Culture >
FaithVillage member Joey O'Connor has released a new eBook on Faith, Art, Life and Originality.