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Article | Art >
Featured artists in the FaithVillage VIA Art Gallery, Audrey DeFord, Justin and Kendra Skinner.
Article | Art >
This month in the VIA Art Gallery we are featuring the work of visual artists Andrew Ryan Shepherd and Jason Watson.
Article | Prayer >
Conrade Yap highly recommends Sarah Arthur's devotional, "At the Still Point: A Literary Guide to Prayer in Ordinary Time.&qu»
Article | Inspiration >
Blake Atwood reviews Matt Appling's book "Life After Art: What You Forgot About Life and Faith Since You Left the Art Room.&q»
Article | Culture >
Joey O'Connor gives his top arts and culture groups to connect with on Facebook.
Article | Devotionals >
Sonny Lemmons calls Artie Davis's book "Craveable" a different kind of devotional that reads like a conversational love »
Article | Art >
VIA explores the intersections of art, design, culture, God and creation, and the act of making. This month we are curating the wo»
Article | Art >
This month in the VIA Art Gallery we are curating the work of two excellent visual artists: Glenn Thomas and Bryan Minear.
Article | Preaching >
Preachers, like artists, "are individuals who care deeply about conveying truth through a chosen medium."»
Article | Art >
Matt Knisely and Emmy Star Brown are the featured artists this month in the VIA Art Gallery.