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(Disclaimer #1:  This review/interview, much like the book itself, is not meant for people under the age of 18.)SYNOPSISHank and Larry are performance artists in San Francisco's underground performance art scene. But when the mind-numbing grind of their corporate jobs drives them over the edge, they plot the ultimate revenge: to kidnap their company's billionaire CEO and brainwash him into becoming a manic performance artist.~~~oOo~~~BOOK LINKSA»
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  For the past ten years, I’ve had the privilege of walking alongside and investing in the lives of artists with The Grove Center for the Arts & Media. Like what you read here on Art, Life & Faith, the mission of The Grove is to cultivate the spiritual life and creative work of artists. Many of you also receive regular updates from The Grove, so I hope you’ve been encouraged. Today, if the Art, Life & Faith blog has helped culti»
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  The 35th Annual GMA Canada Covenant Awards nominations were recently announced, with Integrity Music artists The City Harmonic, Ben Cantelon, All Sons and Daughters and Paul Baloche all receiving honors. Founded by the Gospel Music Association of Canada, the Covenant Awards honor artists, songwriters and producers who are contributing to Christian music arts in Canada. Named New Artist of the Year []The post Integrity Music Artists Rece»
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When I was an actor in art school, we learned how an artists responsibility was to look deep into the culture and create a conversation where people might think of a certain issue a different way.  Sexuality, War, Conflict in the Human Condition, it all froths to the top in good writing.   For some, we need new ways of approaching these issues so we can come to different conclusions.   Theater is an interesting art form.  So many genres give»
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I recently read How to Discourage Artists in the Church by Wheaton College president, Philip Ryken and he graciously agreed to offer it as a guest post here on Art, Life & Faith. You’ll be encouraged to know that not only as a pastor and college president is Ryken a lover and supporter of the arts, he is also the author of Art for God’s Sake: A Call to Recover the Arts. This is a wonderful essay about understanding how artists are discour»
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HOUSTON—#SongsForWest, 45 selections from a diverse lineup of acclaimed singer/songwriters, is now available for free download via Noisetrade, with tips benefitting the Baylor University West Relief Fund. Organized by recording artists Robbie Seay and Luke Brawner following the April 17 explosion The post Artists Come Together For #SONGSFORWEST, offering Free Albuum Download appeared first on
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I love artists who go for it. Artists who go for it are people like Brian Swerdfeger, who overwhelmed me with inspiration today. Brian’s got guts and I want more of what he’s got. You see, Brian just doesn’t say he is an artist. He is practicing his artistry in a radical and bold way. He’s an inspiration for other artists to get out of their comfort zones and reach for challenging goals. Brian’s going for it in a big way. A professional»
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I know many artists who say they’re terrible at marketing. How are you at selling your art? When it comes to marketing and selling your art, are you like many artists who would rather be dragged across broken glass? Marketing feels so “commercial.” Or egotistical. Or “beneath me.” Or above mewho would want to buy my art? Does trying to sell your art feel like taking your clothes off in public? Why subject yourself to rejection or people»
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As an artist, what can you learn from soldiers, athletes, farmers and craftsmen? If you look closely, artists can have a lot to learn from yes–soldiers, athletes, farmers and craftsmen. I know these are four diverse occupations, but there is one artful theme woven into each one. The beauty here is that it’s not rocket science. It’s doable and completely achievable for you, the artist. And there’s simply no substitute for it. Read on I»
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Okay, so alot of us who run organizations, or manage teams, or have staff direct reports, are leading those who consider themselves to be ARTISTS of some sort. Whether it’s musicians, or designers, or writers, or entertainers, or worship leaders, or those who sketch/paint/draw, I’m going to lump them all together for the sake of this conversation and my thoughts on how to best lead them. Disclaimer: we are ALL artists. In regards that we all»