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I was at Vine Arts in Boise, ID in 2011 and it was truly amazing. Jessie Nilo and her team are doing great stuff for the Kingdom. From their open studio to their amazing art gallery. This is a creative team at the forefront of the arts ministry movement. If you are anywhere near Boise, you need to get there. This is a ministry that has blessed me immensely. Their philosophy of “everybody gets to play” touched me to the core of my being. Click»
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This speech was given when I was one day old. It resonates with my heart, how about yours? On October 26, 1963, in an address given at Amherst College, President John F. Kennedy said, “I look forward to an America which will reward achievement in the arts as we reward achievement in business or statecraft. I look forward to an America which will steadily raise the standards of artistic accomplishment and which will steadily enlarge cultural opp»
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To get 2014 started off right, I’d like to offer you and your friends two free gifts from The Grove Center for the Arts & Media. The first gift is a free copy of Create: Transforming Stories of Art, Life & Faith ($9.99 value). It’s the first book I produced specifically from and for artists. Create is filled with thought-provoking essays, dynamic videos, and digital artwork from 21 artists who share their spiritual and artistic journe»
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If you’re on Facebook, you just may want to check out my Top Faith-Based Arts & Culture Groups. You’ll find 16 wonderful organizations listed below. Many of these arts groups and ministries are led by friends of mine whose artist essays appear in Create: Transforming Stories of Art, Life & Faith. I hope you’ll visit and share these arts & culture groups with your friends. One of our goals with The Grove Center for the Arts &»
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Beginnings in Media Arts | Dallas Theological Seminary
In Part 1, Dr. Reg Grant explains the mi»
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Today’s Deal: Pay $30 for a $60 credit toward merchandise from WallCandy Arts – Removable & Reusable Wall Decor. Click here to shop deal now. Inspire creativity with unique chalkboard and dry erase decals from WallCandy® Arts. They’re perfect for playrooms, media centers, and kitchens. Also browse dozens of options for adhesive wall decals and wallpaper. From holiday themes to balloons and butterflies, WallCandy® Arts makes it easy»
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Spiritual Arts: Mastering the Disciplines for a Rich Spiritual Life is a 2009 book on Christian living by Jill Briscoe. Based on Paul’s letter to the Philippians, Briscoe outlines eight “spiritual arts” that Christians should practice and master: ministry, harmony, humility, intimacy, tenacity, maturity, serenity, and receptivity. Briscoe’s enthusiasm for evangelism is impressive. Her broader points on Christian living are right on, even»
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Glorifying the King Liberal Arts for the Christian Life, edited by Jeffry C. Davis & Philip G. Ryken. Paperback: Crossway, 2012. Buy now:  [ Amazon ] Reviewed by Mark Eckel “When you see a book with Leland Ryken’s name, buy it; ask questions later.”  For the past 25 years this has been my mantra whenever anyone has wondered about books for the humanities.  Leland Ryken’s 1981 volume The Christian Imagination brought together»
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Outside of the gospel, all churches share one common element. Marrying the infamous 800 pound gorilla and the 5 pound budget bag. Otherwise known as the budget crunch. Man, wouldn’t it be nice if our budget allotted __________ or if we were a mega church with a mega budget. I’m sure these words never roll off your lips, lol. So, how does the local church afford the luxuries of the mega church? Specifically, how does the local church hire a cr»