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Natasha Crain offers ways for parents to teach about atheism.
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What's a Christian's response to "The New Atheism"?»
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Engaging the New Atheism | Dallas Theological Seminary
"In this episode of The Table Podca»
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Attempts at Honesty - Reflections on the interplay of the Bible and Culture At the foundation of the “new atheism” is the belief that there is no God, no eternal and infinite Source of all that exists. This is the key belief that needs to be established in order for most of the other arguments to work. Int is my contention here that the “new atheists,” Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, Lewis Wolpert, Sam Harris, and Victor Stenger, not onl»
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  *I hesitate to say this but atheism for lent is my Lenten practice. I’m embodying an atheist point of view in these postsin other words I’m not articulating my viewpoint. I’m articulating viewpoints contrary to my own. But these thoughts are not regurgitated for semantic sake. These are my own words and I’m finding []
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  Atheism For Lent blog posts Introduction  Prayer, a beautiful mistake I’ve heard that the church is not a building but the people. So, I must first make some comments about the people who make up the church. From my vantage point there are several types of people who make up the church. There are []
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As I explained in a previous blog post, I’m practicing Atheism For Lent. The online course doesn’t begin until next Thursday but Lent started Wednesday so in the spirit of practicing this on a deeper level I’m going to blog once a week as an atheist. I realize that this might be futile and probably insulting []
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by Natasha
A new movie titled “My Week in Atheism” came out today – it’s a MUST SEE for Christians, and especially for Christian parents. I had the opportunity to see a pre-release copy and I couldn’t recommend it more. “My Week in Atheism” is a documentary about a friendship caught between the two opposing worldviews of atheism and Christianity. As devout Christian John Christy and atheist activist David Smalley travel together to secular con»
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I am nearing the end of a marvelous volume by G. K. Chesterton entitled, Orthodoxy. At the end of chapter 8, The Romance of Orthodoxy, I came across the following observation about atheism which I probably read five or six times before I moved on. It is a wonderfully accurate portrayal of modern atheism, even more so than it was of atheism in Chesterton's day.[speaking of the militant atheist]"He sacrifices the very existence of humanity to the n»
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Pastor and author Dr. Bobby Conway shares about the new atheism, which moves from the mere absence of God to an open hostility toward belief in God. Books released by leading contemporary atheists carry a theme that a God-centered approach to existence has no place on the stage of worldviews. Bobby recommends the book Atheism’s New Clothes by David H. Glass for further study on the topic. Follow @MicErnest The post What is the New Atheism? ap»