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Have you ever felt like you were wasting a person's time?  Have you ever talked with someone who is completely distracted and you can tell that she is focusing her attention somewhere else?  Unfortunately, I know that I have done this to somebody before, even my own children, and I don't want it to continue.  I know how it feels because it has happened to me plenty of times. Funny thing is it happ»
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When it comes to religion in America, megachurches have a particular draw. Each megachurch has at least 2,000 in attendance on a typical weekend, most of them with multiple worship services, and an increasing number with multiple locations. (actually, the largest megachurches in the world are outside of the US.) And megachurches get more than their share of news, whether community impact or when an occasional controversy surfaces. Recently, news»
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Chuck Campbell talks about the presence of good preaching and the importance of living a life apart from one's preaching. Thanks to the folks at for another good video clip.
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Courtesy of Corey Leopold/Creative Commons License The feelings of anxiety and excitement fill me up this time of year, and the back to school commercials do not help.  Everyone is focusing on what they need to get, do and learn before the school bells ring for the first time.  If there is a time when a check list is most important it's over these next few weeks. Doesn't matter if you had programming throughout the summer, it feels like everyo»
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Chore-Induced Attention Deficit Disorder
Today’s guest post is a video by my th»
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Pastor Charles Stone shares five ways he's learned to help a congregation engage with a sermon.
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Do you hear what I hear?
Article | Small Groups >
Heather Johnson with YouthMinistry360 offers six tips on keeping a youth ministry small group engaged.
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Is our "capacity to be awed" diminishing? A look at the book "A Severe Mercy" may reveal the answer.»

Up to this point, I've lived my life constantly trying to change who I am. I found myself always trying to "fit in", or blend in, with the crowd. I always avoided bringing attention to myself by not standing out or being different, even though I was. Over the past year or two, I observed some of the people around me that have the "I don't care about anything or anyone, but myself" attitude, which I used to admire. I admired it until I realized I was trying to be someone I'm not. People with that attitude always appear to be so happy and carefree, and I was jealous of ...