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Article | Preaching >
Pastor Charles Stone shares five ways he's learned to help a congregation engage with a sermon.
Article | Relationships >
Do you hear what I hear?
Article | Small Groups >
Heather Johnson with YouthMinistry360 offers six tips on keeping a youth ministry small group engaged.
Article | Inspiration >
Is our "capacity to be awed" diminishing? A look at the book "A Severe Mercy" may reveal the answer.»
Video | Youth >
Chore-Induced Attention Deficit Disorder
Today’s guest post is a video by my th»
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About Preparation for immortal world living:

The Bible may seem like mostly a book for religion but it is actually information from the rulers of the immortal world called Heaven, and who are also creators of our world, informing us of who we are, what we need to do to become immortal so that we can enter their world. Heaven is an infinite expanse of varieties of unusual worlds and beings including Christ and God (Revelations 1:13-17). They are all unknown beings called spirits and they are not locked into a particular outer form as we are. Christ is the son of God (John 8:23) and came into the human world so ...


Up to this point, I've lived my life constantly trying to change who I am. I found myself always trying to "fit in", or blend in, with the crowd. I always avoided bringing attention to myself by not standing out or being different, even though I was. Over the past year or two, I observed some of the people around me that have the "I don't care about anything or anyone, but myself" attitude, which I used to admire. I admired it until I realized I was trying to be someone I'm not. People with that attitude always appear to be so happy and carefree, and I was jealous of ...


Have you ever wondered what impresses God? I have. You know – impressed like we get impressed. Standing ovation, stop and take notice, a gasp of approval – that kind of impressed. What do you think arrests his attention and causes him to gasp with approval?


If you’re struggling in your relationship right now, I have a pretty good idea what it feels like to be where you are. I’ve been there myself. And I didn’t always have the support I needed. Neither of us did. I speak two languages: “Male” & “Female” As a woman, I get where women are coming from. Sometimes, we can be amazingly direct in asking for what we want. At other times, we’re not sure what we want, so we can also be pretty vague. Most of us have a hard time getting the men we love to understand us. It often feels like they’re just trying t ...


A fresh perspective on gifts...and God. When you see things from God's perspective, you'll see your giving differently...and you'll see God from a different perspective, too. An Acceptable Gift is a gift that gets God's attention, the way a father-child relationship was intended. The way giving was intended to be.