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"The ability to build rapport and trust is a critical success skill in leadership. This is obvious if you are an au»
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It’s important when you’re speaking to an audience to know who makes up the audience. This is an elementary public speaking principle. I’ve been speaking for yearsin school, business and ministry. I know the principle. Most of the time I obey the principle. Recently, though, I missed this. I spoke to a group of 4 year old children. I told them the story of David and Goliath. It is one of my favorite stories, one I enjoyed acting out with my»
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Quick Tips: Go where your audience is. You hear it all the time, whether it’s on a LinkedIn group discussion, a forum, conversations over coffee “No one is (‘buying my book’ / ‘ordering this series’ / ‘downloading my songs’) from my site. What’s up with that?” which is usually followed by a sad, self-defeated running commentary of why their site stinks. Well, it might genuinely stink, but it might also just be the approach yo»
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Blog Tips For Building A Bigger Audience In Less Time | Michael Hyatt
Get blog tips from http://www.PlatformUn»
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 This past weekend I heard Pat Schatzline speak at a church in our area.  He used some scriptures from the Message Bible which I do not often read.  I loved this one from his message titled the same as this post.  A hostile world! I call to God,I cry to God to help me.From his palace he hears my call;my cry brings me right into his presence—a private audience!    Psalm 18:6 MessageIt makes me excited to know that my God hears me when I c»
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Photo Courtesy: Scout Seventeen on Flickr Is it worth it? As much as I talk about living an intentional life, deep down I wonder if it’s really worth it to go beyond the mundane. It’s the age-old question – am I having an impact in the world? In the deepest enclaves of my soul, I question whether what I’m doing really matters. Part of the problem is that we live in a world of never-ending connectedness. It’s become our drug of choice,»
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Hubby and I attended the Coldplay concert a few weeks back. There were two opening acts, a band and a soloist. Neither compared to Coldplay, but for different reasons. The band: They had great vocals, interesting songs, and good musicality. But they lacked the showmanship and confidence of Coldplay. You could tell they had the essentials down, but just needed more practice in front of an audience to wow a crowd. The soloist: I don’t have words»
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It’s funny. When I’m preaching, it’s almost as if it’s me on display and somehow that feels wrong. What I’d like people to know is that in a sense, I’m just the worshipper facing in the wrong direction. The message and it’s preparation are my act of worship. I hope it touches heart, I hope it changes lives, etc. and often it feels like it doesn’t. As a matter of fact there have been many times where I’ve felt like turning arou»
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Build an Audience of 100K Blog Readers | Jeff Goins
Jeff Goins answers questions about findi»
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Theme: IndependenceVerse: "Jesus said, 'Let the little children come to me.' " Matthew 19:14a Mom's Musing:Have you heard the saying,"Once our kids are fit to live with they are living with someone else?" There is an element of truth to this. Parents are the kid trainers- the main socializers of children. Ultimately it is our job to grow our kids so they are able to make it on their own. We tend to view this as moving from dependence to inde»