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Article | Relationships >
The difference between belonging with and belonging to is a vast one.
Article | Books >
Read the first chapter of Cynthia Ruchti's latest book 'All My Belongings'.
Article | Christian Living >
Learning to accept all the versions of yourself.
Article | Emotional Health >
How one girl found her worth in belonging to God.

After Jesus's birth, King Herod became disturbed when a group of astrologers or "œwise men" from the east (thought to be Persia or Babylon) called the Magi arrived in Jerusalem. The Magi had been following a star belonging to the newly born "œKing of the Jews". Herod derived the time from which Jesus had been born from the Magi accounts of when the star had first appeared. King Herod then tricked the Magi by asking them to find the child so that he would worship him. In reality, King Herod, who was renowned for his paranoia, didn"™t want any challenge to his rule, t ...

Article | Inspiration >
Tony and Gloria were looking for their next big adventure, and found it in foster care. They make a point to provide their foster »
Article | Small Groups >
Every Christian needs a small group. Executive Pastor Stephen Blandino looks at the Bible and our human condition for the reasons »
Article | Inspiration >
Pastor Shawn Lovejoy sees the church declining, but suggests that living a bold Christian life may be the way forward in a post-Ch»
Article | Missions >
Sarah Reeves discusses the importance of recognizing the unity found in the inheritance of Christ.
Article | Film >
Sam Robinson in the midst of mystery and big budgets, "Extant" is about finding connection.»