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In this episode, hear a chat with Matt Appling, author of "Life After Art." - In the words of Ben Arment, crea»
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Meet the Bible App for Kids | YouVersion
"Meet the Bible App for Kids from Y»
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America's Top Football Players Use the Bible App | YouVersion
Prior to Super Bowl 47, Baltimore Ravens»
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Children’s Bible Stories, comic books & movies for your kids & teenagers ★ Children’s Bible is an app which contains comic books and movies about the Bible for children and teenagers. More than 1.000.000 families trust in us! More than 1.000 reviews around the world! ★ A good tool to start reading the Bible and an easy way to talk about Jesus and God with your kids. ★ With new contents for Teenagers! We add comic books by Kingst»
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Bible Bloom iPhone Bible App
Christians all over the world are using »
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This week the gang talks about how to build trust with leaders, how to develop into a better leader of people, and how t»
Blog Entry | Worship > has always been a generous provider of fantastic online resources. The list even includes the awesome YouVersion, which at present is more or less synonymous with the term 'mobile Bible app'!   Here's another of their resources that I have to blog about: BibleX - a beautifully designed online Bible study tool that aims to help us to: - Get to know the Bible better by exploring its key stories, themes, and characters. - D»
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It could have been enough to gather and publish over 40 different translations of the Bible online. Some may have been content to create one of the fastest, best looking, Bible application for your mobile device. Others may have decided they had done enough when they created web tools for embedding the Holy Scriptures right into your own website. But none of this has come to the mind of the folks over at While creating one of the simp»
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“Curiosity killed the cat . . .” Today we continue our walkthrough of Lindsay Olesberg’s fantastically practical book, “The Bible Study Handbook: A Comprehensive Guide to an Essential Practice.” We’ve worked through her foundations and now we are taking a look at the building blocks. Today we will look at three: Attentiveness, Curiosity, and Understanding Attentiveness The building block of attentiveness pulls us away from using the B»
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The American Bible Challenge returns tonight on The Game Show Network. The game show based on the Bible which took the country by storm last year returns for its second season. This year, Kirk Franklin joins host Jeff Foxworthy as the show’s musical co-host. But that is not the only change that you will see in season two. In addition to the 18 new teams that will be competing for the $100,000 grand prize, the American Bible Challenge has 19 new»