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Article | Bible Study >
How do the major Bible translations differ?
Article | Bible Study >
Do you read the Bible as if Jesus permeates it all?
Article | Art >
Artist Jim LePage tackles the Bible book by book through visual imagery.
Article | Bible Study >
Do you read the Bible as a set of rules to follow or a story of God's work in the world?
Article | Youth >
How to read the Bible differently
Article | Spiritual Growth >
Since humans have always been human, the Bible is always relevant.
Article | Technology >
7 recommendations that may help you dig deeper
Video | Inspiration >
3 Days: Cover-to-Cover Bible Reading
They read the Bible cover to cover without stopping in three days. Get more details:
Article | Bible Study >
Are there lessons to be learned from the brutal books of Joshua and Judges?
Article | Church Leadership >
How to be a digital leader for your faith community