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3 Days: Cover-to-Cover Bible Reading
They read the Bible cover to cover witho»
  • Member count: 2
  • Location: Saint Paul, MN

About New Bible Readers:

Just start reading The Bible? Well so have I. I am here to form a group of people who have just started reading The Bible and are looking for people to read and study along with.

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The Need for the Bible | Francis Chan
"There are almost seven billion peo»
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In this episode I talk with Ally Vesterfelt. My wife and I have been following Ally's content for a while and after read»
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America's Top Football Players Use the Bible App | YouVersion
Prior to Super Bowl 47, Baltimore Ravens»
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Frank Viola discusses eight common mistakes that Christians make when reading the Bible.
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Bible Bloom iPhone Bible App
Christians all over the world are using »
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Bible: A Book Like No Other | Lauren Winner
animate. Faith is the new adult small gr»
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The Difference Between 'Studying' and 'Reading' the Bible | Eugene Peterson
Laity Lodge asks Eugene Peterson to tell»
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Frank Viola's second session from the NCY Ministers Conference. Some of the other speakers were Scot McKnight, Jon Acuff»