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Devotional Diva shares her favorites.
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Mike Mobley's a huge fan of blogging and social media, but offers a few words of warnings when it comes to being a Christian onlin»
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Check out this week’s favorite articles, video and Pinterest find! Take Notice SEO FOR BLOGS: Are you a personal or professional blogger (maybe both)? Check out these five tips for making your blog as SEO-friendly as possible. SACRIFICE: John Brandon with Inc. urges you to check your business ambitions against a list of six signals that may indicate you’re sacrificing too much in the name of “success.” ANNOYING: Ed Zitron with Inc. l»
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Photo by pressureUA If it’s not obvious already, I absolutely love blogs and social media. I think God has given us tremendous resources in our day to be able to utilize in great ways to reach more people with the Gospel and to stay connected with others in ways we never could have before. As with anything that the Lord gives us, there’s always a temptation for consequences and for things to be used the wrong way. We have a tendency as sinful»
Blog Entry | Christian Living > is holding a vote for the best Christian blogs of 2013. In short, it would rock if you’d be willing to pop over to the website and put in a vote for yours truly. You’ll also be able to vote for up to 4 additional blogs to be included in the list (or five blogs total if you feel I don’t make the cut).  Click here to cast your votes! The voting instructions are listed over on the voting page. Thanks!
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After blogging for almost 10 years, I thought it was time to make a top 10 list of the top 10 blogs for Christian women! Every year there are a few websites that list the top Christian blogs, but they’re usually based on how much traffic you receive. That may be what attracts you to read a blog, but that is NOT what attracts me. For me, it goes much deeper than that. + Are they women of integrity? + Does she actually care about you–the reade»
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I would first and foremost like to say thank you to and their voting process for allowing The iChurch Method blog to be considered one of the Top 30 Church Tech blogs for 2013. We are very excited and realize that just a year ago the first iChurch Method book was released so this is quite the achievement in that small amount of time. As I look at the list I see people that I have networked with and people that I am looking forward t»
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The 14-year-old girl behind Depression and Disorders blogs about her own cutting, plans of suicide, and struggles with an eating disorder
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The 14-year-old girl behind Depression and Disorders blogs about her own cutting, plans of suicide, and struggles with an eating disorder
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Photo Credit: Ѕolo via Compfight cc The results are in and ChurchMag’s list of top church tech blogs for 2013 has been released. This year there was more competition than ever before and the result is an expanded resource of 30 great websites which combined technology and faith. ChristianDroid is proud once again to have made the list of the top 30 church tech blogs as determined by ChurchMag. Congratulations to all the sites that make up this»