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Article | Spiritual Growth >
Pastor Dan Kimball has written a "memoir-ish" book that aims to find Jesus in the mess of organized religion.»
Article | Theology >
A challenging book offers multiple takes on interesting questions regarding the person of Jesus.
Article | Books >
Creative Bible Lessons is a book that "provides teens with careful language for being active and reflective members of God’»
Article | Preaching >
Al Tizon's book "Missional Preaching" explores missional principles, relating them to the practice of preaching.»
Article | Books >
Paul Chaplin of Englewood Review of Books evaluates the helpful and the hopeful in Nancy Sleeth's new release.
Article | Books >
A thorough review by John Morehead of Len Kageler's new book on youth ministry in today's diverse culture.
Article | Books >
Conrade Yap reviews Ed Cyzewski's latest book on faith and growth.
Article | Books >
Dave Dunham reviews Hannah Anderson's book about the ultimate source of our identity.
Article | Books >
In his new book "Go Small," Craig Gross encourages readers to view their day-to-day lives as the staging ground for the »
Article | Books >
Conrade Yap discusses the evangelistic strategies, acceptance of Jesus and mentoring of Jim Stump's latest book.