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Dannah Gresh shares practical advice on raising tween boys
Audio | Family >
Dannah Gresh shares practical advice on raising tween boys. Part 2 of 2.
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GRAMMY® award winning songstress Laura Story and her husband Martin have welcomed fraternal twin boys to their family. Benjamin Cary and Griffin James were born within three minutes of each other, weighing 6.5 lbs and 6.3 lbs respectively. The twins join their 2-year-old big sister Josie. “Martin and I are so thrilled to finally meet these little […] The post Laura Story welcomes twin boys appeared first on Michael Erne»
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Moms, you know how hard your kids make you laugh? Multiply that times 100, and that’s my every day. Life in a boys’ dorm is never dull, and often hilarious. The following funnies were recently overheard in Strong Hall.  Guy 1: “I’m STILL bleeding!”Guy 2: “Well, you’re just gonna have to suck it up, cupcake!” “Me and Adam Sandler just don’t get along.” “Fun fact of the day: my uncle made himself his own Snuggie two years»
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Happy Back to School Leader Friend! Today is the first day of school for my boys. The less-structured days of summer are over and the regular rhythm of fall is here. You may have noticed I took a bit of a blogging break. I wasn’t planning a break. I had high expectations of carrying on this summer just like nothing had changed at all. (Except that everything had changed.) I was reminded by my friend Jennifer Lefforge that no matter how you prep»
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When we sanction messages like “Girls Rule. Boys Drool.” we affirm a false message about what it means to be made in God’s image
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photo credit: nikolys via photopin cc How to teach boys to communicate their emotionsthat’s a chore in my house. I am the parent of 2 boys. They are rough. They are loud. They are aggressive when they want to be. I have found my kids prefer to communicate with grunts, points, and interesting body language. Just the other day my youngest son, peeped his head around the corner and gave a “pssst” to get my attention. When I acknowledged him,»
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We love to read at the Smith House. There are times when my husband is working and the boys and I are all in our rooms curled up with a great story. I’ve often been asked how I keep my boys reading, and many are especially amazed by my teen son’s massive consumption of so [] The post 10 BEST Middle Grade Books for Boys appeared first on Written Reality.
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Growing Up God’s Way for Boys and Girls Few things are as intimidating as that first talk about the “birds and the bees” with your child. Parents are rarely equipped for such a conversation and unfortunately most adults are forgoing this responsibility in the hopes that their kids will miraculously come into a Godly and moral understanding of sexuality. The stakes are high and responsible Christian parents will take the initiati»
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Both my 10 and 15 year old boys enjoy reading. There are times when my husband is working late in the evening and my sons and I will be scattered around the house lost in our own world of a good book. However, there have been times when both boys needed a little push in [] The post 10 Books to Keep Boys Reading appeared first on Written Reality.