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Article | Culture >
Part 4 of the author's review of Leonard Sax's book about the five factors contributing to Extended Adolescence.
Article | Parenting >
Girls need to hear the truth about how boys think, and who better to tell them than Dad?
Article | Parenting >
A mom writes a moving dedication to her son on his 13th birthday.
Audio | Family >
Dannah Gresh shares practical advice on raising tween boys. Part 2 of 2.
Audio | Family >
Dannah Gresh shares practical advice on raising tween boys
Video | Children >
Mathews Boys Slip'n'Slide
All my boys hurtle down the hill.
Video | Music >
Switchfoot Covers Beastie Boys' "Sabotage"
The guys from Switchfoot rip through a r»
Blog Entry | Christian Living >
Moms, you know how hard your kids make you laugh? Multiply that times 100, and that’s my every day. Life in a boys’ dorm is never dull, and often hilarious. The following funnies were recently overheard in Strong Hall.  Guy 1: “I’m STILL bleeding!”Guy 2: “Well, you’re just gonna have to suck it up, cupcake!” “Me and Adam Sandler just don’t get along.” “Fun fact of the day: my uncle made himself his own Snuggie two years»
Blog Entry | Church Leadership >
Happy Back to School Leader Friend! Today is the first day of school for my boys. The less-structured days of summer are over and the regular rhythm of fall is here. You may have noticed I took a bit of a blogging break. I wasn’t planning a break. I had high expectations of carrying on this summer just like nothing had changed at all. (Except that everything had changed.) I was reminded by my friend Jennifer Lefforge that no matter how you prep»
Blog Entry | News >
When we sanction messages like “Girls Rule. Boys Drool.” we affirm a false message about what it means to be made in God’s image