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Article | Inspiration >
Even when we feel like our world is falling apart, we must keep seeking God and see the beauty that's all around us. We can do this if we just breathe.
Article | Holidays >
Could yoga teach us something about Advent?
Article | Christian Living >
Like Jonah, we may be called to wait for God's life-sustaining breath even while we are overwhelmed by the stresses life brings.
Article | Wellness >
Slowing down, stretching and focusing on breathing will improve your health, relieve stress and get your mind in tune with your body. If you focus on connecting with God through yoga or other meditative exercises, you can improve your whole body wellness too.
Article | Moms >
Not "particularly practical" but inspirational for mothers who want to thrive personally, relationally, and spiritually.
Video | Humor >
"Don't Breathe" | Anita Renfroe
Hilarious parody of "Just Breathe" by comedienne Anita Renfroe
Video | Moms >
Desperate: Hope For the Mom Who Needs to Breathe | Sarah Mae & Sally Clarkson
Trailer for the new book for new moms, an encouragement to all moms to help each other along the jou…
Blog Entry | Christian Living >
"Breathe" - artist Kathy SelfMore and more, I find myself being drawn to art as a way to meditate and pray. (If you want a nearly perfect example of this, read Henri Nouwen's The Prodigal Son.)In my office, I have some beautiful art. One is a small framed piece showing
Blog Entry | Women >
photo credit: Stuart Miles | Free Digital Photos .netI became a mother 6 times.With each birth I was told to breathe.Breathe. Deep breaths, quick breaths, timed breaths, breaths with contractions.Those breaths haven’t stopped.I’ve experienced those same types of breaths as each child g…
Blog Entry | Collegiate >
This week' sword prompt over at The Grove caught my attention.Breathe.When I saw it, I almost laughed. What that word means to me. There's the literal and then there is what God reminds me, the spiritual. Let's start with the literal."Don't forget to breathe."It sounds like a silly stateme…