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Article | Missional >
M. Scott Boren wonders if the missional church has any use for traditional church buildings.
Article | Youth Leaders >
Youth ministry tips on four building blocks to your youth gatherings. For youth culture and youth leaders.
Article | Church Leadership >
Leadership coach Brian Howard provides seven tips for building a unified and effective church staff.
Article | Family >
Kathy Howard reflects on her parents' foundation of faith that is being passed along to her grandson.
Article | Youth Leaders >
Ryan Reed gives crucial mistakes to avoid when partnering with parents.
Article | Church Leadership >
Why is Granger Community Church changing its name to Granger Commons?
Article | Church Leadership >
What you build in ministry and how you build it matters to God.
Article | Church Planting >
A pastor and church planters shares 12 ideas that could help you build a quality team.
Article | Church Leadership >
No one truly knows what can inspire the masses, but here are 3 strategies that can help you motivate people to move.
Article | Church Leadership >
10 tips toward establishing a top-notch team