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"I have just gone through an incredibly busy time in my life and business. Last year was extraordinary, but it was »
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In this episode of "This is Your Life," Michael Hyatt considers how otherwise busy leaders might be able to fi»
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Bits of Wisdom for Busy Professionals Podcast Promo
Michelle Nicole Rivera announces the new blog and podcast series, Bits of Wisdom for Busy Professionals. No jargon. No p»
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Homemade Meals for Busy Families
Mary Beth Lagerborg explains once-a-month cooking.
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For today (Friday) only at WTSBooks, you can get Kevin DeYoung’s Crazy Busy together with my What’s Best Next for only $20. (Update: Plus, shipping is free today also!) I’ve read Crazy Busy (and actually have a post on it almost ready to go) and it’s a fantastic book. This is a great combination that is worth getting.
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by Amanda
{Hey bloggity blog. It's been a long time. I think of you often. We've been a little busy with chickens, a garden, a understand.}I miss this little space of mine when I'm away. I write posts in my head, but actually getting back here to type them takes a little more effort. Since temperatures began warming up, we've been outside digging in soil, transplanting seedlings, planting seeds, keeping a watchful eye over free ranging chickens,»
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  When we’re young we build for fun. We build to understand our world. We build because we’re wired to create. As time goes by, we leave childhood and our building habits change a bit. Sometimes we feel good about what we’ve created. And sometimes we worry if what we’ve built will be acceptable, sustainable – or have lasting worth. The bricks that make up our life vary in size – each having its own significance. They contain stories»
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Introducing The Busy Mom’s Guide – A Simple Daybook. A whole 18 months of planning pages. I think it’s pretty rad. It’s plain and has a place for everything you need to jot down. I like it very much. A great way to plan the new year! Weekly pages that you can print and hole []The post Busy Mom’s Guide Simple Daybook appeared first on Royal Little Lambs: Faith, Family, Health, Homeschool, and Heart Training.
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Have you heard that saying, too busy not to pray?  Well, this girl is too busy not to exercise.  And pray.  Good thing I can do them both at the same time (see: Prayer Walking.  See also: working out with Jill makes me feel like I'm going to die and when one feels as if she is going to die, praying just come naturally).  For the first time in recent memory, I have scheduled my workout time, making an appointment with myself, so-to-speak.  O»
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It’s been a busy few weeks. This is the last weekend before Thanksgiving and for many people they take a few days off to spend time with family. I plan to be off a few days next week myself. In light of the upcoming holiday, it made me want to take some time and enjoy the moment. My wife reminds me that I have a hard time winding down and enjoying the moments. It’s true. It normally takes me a couple of days during vacation to really start en»